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Exclamation The Stoplek League Collection: A Trainer's View

This is a new league I have created from the ground up. The stories will eventually be a collection of sub-stories told from different points of view all about the Stoplek League. The first story will follow a Trainer as he takes the challenge of the league. It will look to the realistic style of training with the anime qualities we all love. Probably the largest (and most ambitious) Trainer fic, with at least 100 eps already planned out.

Follow the path of one Trainer, Jack Kalmer, as he takes on the largest goal possible. Gym battles and Pokemon training aren't the only thing he will need to master. He will have to work hard to make a name for himself and prove to all those that laughed at him, that he is the best Trainer. Battles, family, politics, Team Rocket, and much more. There's a lot to explore in the Stoplek League.

**If you have a comment, post it in the Fanfic Feedback or PM me a message. Do not post anything here, it will be deleted. I appreciate any and all comments. :D

Stoplek League Map (Subject to change at any time.)

~Summary Guide~
{Don't look at these if you haven't read to the last Episode in that summary. Please!}
Episodes 1-10
Episodes 11-20

Rating: PG to PG-13.

Latest 3 Releases:
Episode 24: And Then There Were Five 7-18-07
Episode 25: A Night in Streamington 7-27-07

Upcoming Release:
Episode 26: The Bet at Windy Plateau

Thanks, and enjoy what I hope is the Trainer Fanfic of a lifetime!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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