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Default Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return (PG...?)

Remember Pokemon 3: The Movie? This fic is supposed to be a sequel.

Summary: A mysterious force has been kidnapping and abducting the people of Hoenn. Wallace, the Sootopolis gym leader, is sent to try and retreive the hostages. On the way, he meets Brendan, an immature boy of 12 years, and together they venture into the labyrinth of the Unowns. What do the Unowns have in store for them? Read the fic.

EDIT: I know it's bad in the beginning, but trust me, it gets better!

Prologue: Review on the third pokemon movie

What were the odds? thought prof. Birch. How could it be that 2 people vanished off thin air in Oldale and 2 people in

Mossdeep, with no traces at all? It had, after all, been investigated for 2 months and returned nothing. How could it be that a

few years ago, perhaps five or more, the same thing had happened? What had happened last time was completely insane, he

thought. In the Johto region, a professor had been held hostage by some weird force, and her daughter, for a time, had

severely missed her single father.

Then, something still uncomprehendable to Birch happened- the girl, according to news, had been given a world of her own by

a new father, strangely not human, but pokemon. This pokemon obtained a mother for the little girl Molly. By coincidence or

careful planning, the pokemon picked the all-famous kid Ash Ketchum from the Kanto region's mother, Delia. In an attempt to

save his mother, Ash had wound up, with his friends, into Molly's world. The imaginary world was destroyed.

What had caused that episode? Prof. Birch was still thinking when a nauseous feeling came over him. He looked up at the

ceiling just before he passed out; justin time to see a circle, a vague ring of black objects, circling round and round him,

stealing his consiousness...

Chapter One: New Sootopolis

Wallace stared at the towering mall in front of him. He looked through the automatic doors and the shop-loving people inside.

He turned around and looked out at the skyscraper-ed city that used to be Sootopolis. A wave of mixed feelings splashed

through Wallace. He realised he liked the old Sootopolis better.

Five months before, Wallace had suggested a change in Sootopolis. He had visited the urbane Celadon city, and when he came

back, he had mentioned it to the mayor's berry planting daughter Kiri, incidentally his crush, and the construction began

before he could object. The girls in his gym left and he was stuck with old people to train with, and the Greece-like city was

torn down and replaced with skyscrapers. Wallace had never expected this.

"But I guess I'm gonna have to live with it," he said to no one in particular. He picked up a glinting item that had caught his attention. "Hm.. Half an eyeglass... this looks exactly like the mayor's.."

Chaper One and a Half: Abductions and Phenomenoms
"Mom, my pokedex isn't working!" Brendan frantically tapped at the beeping machine. He went downstairs. Brendan's mom

was watching the news. "Electronic devices, excluding TV, have been disabled in Littleroot, Oldale, and Petalburg due to

strange ultrasonic force fields hovering over the area. It is likely that the force fields will spread over hoenn in the next few

days. Also, more people have disappeared and halves of items were discovered scattered around Hoenn. With so many

strange events happening, it is hard to tell if any are related to each other." Mom turned off the TV. "Ask Birch to fix it for

you," she said. "Good idea, i'l come back after lunch," said brendan.

The professor's room was empty. The helpers had somehow left without Birch seeimg them. Birch himself was, of course,

gone. Brendan walked to Birch's desk and wrote a note that said: "Could you fix my dex? It's kinda got a problem. Thx."

Taking out his cell, he phoned up his date, Lass Haley.

"Hey sweety," grinned Brendan.

"I thought it was a morning date. It's 12 o'clock!" Haley obviously wasn't as pleased.

"Sorry, that's why I got us a kool restaurant! It's in the sootopolis mall, pretty far, but you have a Flying, right?"

"Does zigzagoon fly?"


"Darned! Zigzagoon's an HM slave! Why can't he learn fly?"

"He doesn't have wings."

"Alright. i guess i have a taillow in my PC."


They arrived at Sootopolis Mall.

"Sootopolis has changed so much since I last came here!" Brendan said. "This must be the most modern city ever!"

They went into the restaurant, McDonalds. The first to open in the pokemon world, Mcdonalds was freaking with people. Brendan had booked seats, so there was no problem for them. They sat down.

The date was not going well. There was no mistaking, to Haley, that Brendan was not her type. She told brendan she was going to the bathroom, thinking surely she can get out.

Running through the huge mall, she looked for an exit. After a short while, she really had to go to the bathroom, so she went.

Washing hands after she finished, she looked down, down into the sink, swirling... was it just her, or was the world really

swirling? Head aching, she looked up to the ceiling to find the air around her swirling with black objects. She collapsed to the

floor, then disappeared, as the objects headed on to the berry garden...
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