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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return

tthanks wlnc! Here's chapter two.. shorter..

Chapter Two: Mystery Berry and a Mission

Sitting in his private study in his gym, Wallace looked at the berry in his desk. He remembered Kiri's words when she handed

the berry to him: "This is an Uno berry! It's been grown in strikingly small number, but somehow I mixed up the breeds and

came up with it. It's worth millions, so it seems right that i give one just for u." It had been a priceless gesture to Wallace. He

was still daydreaming when his pokenav beeped. Tgere was a message for him. It read: "You're required for a mission. Get

over here to the Barboach-Shroomism meeting office."

Wallace knew perfectly how to open the hidden staircase. Just show 10 gorebysses to the barboach man and 5 oddishes to the

shroomish man. He just didn't have a clue on what his mission was. He extracted the gorebysses and oddishes seperately,

and "got down there".

"Wallace, you have no idea why you're here." That sure was true, thought Wallace. "Well, I'd better give an explanation. The

mayor and his daughter Kiri have been abducted and she left this for you." The old guy handed Wallace a note. "Get Wallace.

He has what they want." "Strange thing is," continued the old guy, "she didn't seem to disappear as suddenly as the others.

She may have even communicated with whatever took her. As far as the note implies, you have what they want, so yuo are

now officially on a mission to get her back."

"How should I know what they want?" said Wallace.

"I have no idea, but just carry around anything you might consider special, I think that the kidnappers want a hefty ransom.

That way, when abduction takes place, you have the item," said the old guy. "But you might have to do something extra. They

might not return the humans even for the thing they want. May I suggest you bring your pokemon. They will be a great help."

Chapter Three... Remember, This is fiction, imagination, nothing to do with the anime. I know perfectly that Brendan isn't a dumb kid.
Chapter 3: Popular guy and a Dumb Little Kid

Walking out of the Barboach-shroomish room, Wallace thought about what the old guy said. It was like the second pokemon

movie, only this time HE was the chosen one, and it was to peace out strange, unidentified abductors and retrieve the people.

He went to his study, and half an hour later, returned with all his precious stuff, including his suitcase full of gym badges to be

given, unsurprisingly filled, his jewelry, and his book on one-type battling success. As he opened the suitcase filled with Rain

Badges, he thought about the only thing he couldn’t part with – the Uno berry from Kiri, thinking surely it was the last memory

of her. A “DUDE! Give me one of those!” broke through his thoughts and he looked up. “10 Dollars! What do you say?” said a

nerd-looking kid with extreme height loss. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but who cares.)

Wallace knew the kid. He had made a big-time introduction before he fought Wallace, and lost spectacularly big-time too.

Brendan didn’t recognize him, though. Without his white uniform and hat, Brendan had just addressed him like any street kid.

“How’d you get to have so many? Are those fake? They must be! Will they get me past the E4 Doors?” continued Brendan.

“Go away, kid. Want the badge, beat me fair and square. No, these are not fake and don’t even try to get a counterfeit Rain badge ecause first, they find out and second, if you aren’t good enough to beat me then forget the E4,” said Wallace in a bored tone.

“OK, show your pokemon and let’s fight, I’m invincible!” Brendan laughed. Still haven’t figured me out yet, thought Wallace. Well, I’ll pwn him again, it feels good anyway. Might cheer me up. He threw his premier ball. “Go, Milotic!”

The serpent popped out of the ball. Brendan gaped at the 20-foot thing. Then his mouth closed into a smirk. “Sissy thing, eh?

Well, I’ll show you something more manly,” he said. A pokeball – one of those 200 Yen pokeballs – went into the air. And out

came – Yeah, that’s right – a Zigzagoon.

Wallace started laughing, and couldn’t stop since the last time he fought Brendan, the zigzagoon had not changed besides its level. It still had that cowardly look to its dumb eyes, unlike anything in his determined Milotic.

"Rrrr.... *whimper*..." Zigzagoon looked back at its trainer, as if hoping he would call it back and be easy on it.

"Looks like it’s afraid of you, Mil. Why don’t you calm it down like in your dex entry, and make it love you instead?" Wallace laughed. "Use Attract! Sissy as it is."

Milotic obeyed, and hearts bounced out from Milotic and fell over zigzagoon – Brendan stared as zigzagoon’s eyes, once dumb, turned to hearts and its walk became trance-like.

"Get back, loser! Don’t make me lose my Fake Rain Badge!" Brendan screamed, shaking the raccoon who was still tranced. ("I see he still hasn’t seen Wallace in me, eh?" thought Wallace.)

"Don’t have a Red Flute? Or are you too cheap to buy items? Even though red flute doesn’t cost anything?" Wallace mocked.

"Grrr…." (zigzagoon is immobilized by love!)

"Milotic, Water Pulse! Show this dude what drowning is like." Milotic released a stream of ultrasonic water from its mouth. As the spinning waters hit ziggy, it rolled its eyes, the first sign of confusion.

"NOO! Don’t Hurt Yourself!!! LOSER!!!!!!" Brendan mouthed a f***. (It hurt itself in its confusion)

“You better give me an apology for messing with me or your dead ziggy gets a pounding,” said Wallace. The words seemed alright for someone who was trying to obtain a fake rain badge, he decided.

“I never lost to any street kid,” Brendan mumbled, head down. “Guess it was just destiny to meet with a replica-badge hater.”

“Heh, you beat every street kid in Petalburg all right. But not the Sootopolis Gym leader, right? Not even Tate and Liza, I think,” Wallace said with a clear sarcasm.

“How did you know I didn’t beat the gym leader here? He flattened me! Like, his Milotic… Hey, you have one too! Then you know how strong it is… How did you know?”

“Cos I aint no street kid,” said Wallace, finally stating his identity. He put his uniform hat on. “Next time you wanna whip a street kid, check if he’s a GYM LEADER.”

“OMG! That’s the gym leader! Get his auto!!!” A group of girls speeded from the mall and accelerated at amazing speed toward them. “Kid, keep up. We need to run!” The two jumped up and headed towards the gym. They bolted the door and entered Wallace’s study.

“Here are some battle guides that might help,” said Wallace, showing a book called Diverse Pkmn Battle Guide. “15 dollars a book. What do you think?”

“Uh… what I think is that my zig is gone.” Brendan had already started looking. After a while, there was an “AAAAHH!!” and Brendan turned.

The shout was from Wallace. Zigzagoon had somehow got into his desk and bitten three-fourths off the rare Uno berry, which Wallace had considered priceless. He now had the zig by the throat, and was going for Brendan’s. “Can’t…you even….keep this thing…in one place…” He threw the zigzagoon to the floor.

“He couldn’t help it, he has the pickup ability,” said Brendan. “Calm down, it was just a berry. Here, have an Oran.” Brendan picked up the zig.

“It…was Kiri’s… Its rare like h*ll… I’l never see her… AAAA! AAAAHH!” yelled Wallace but suddenly stopped, as unmistakably something was happening.

It was the black objects. Swirling, swirling… The pain inside their head was very real… They collapsed to the floor, with Brendan still holding the zig… and felt themselves vaporize… abducted.
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