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Default Re: War FanFic: The Tears of Love

Pushing the plastic, sliding shower door to the side, Melody silently stepped out of the shower. She picked up a white towel from the rack and began drying herself off. Yet, her mind seemed to be focusing somewhere else.

That trainer, heís crazy. First suicidal, then not, that doesnít make any sense. But, thatís the only reason he would be standing on that cliff. So, if he wanted to kill himself, why didnít he simply jump off when he saw me? Wouldnít he realize that I would try to stop him?

Quickly finishing off drying her legs, she hung the towel back upon the rack and walked over to the sink counter where she lay out her clothes. Automatically she began dressing, barely paying attention to what she was doing.

It was ifÖ. he recognized me. But weíve never met before, so he must have thought I was someone else. Sarah perhaps? He did mention her name.

Melody assumed that Sarah was Jasonís sister or something, but seeing his weariness, promptly decided to ask him later.

So, if I reminded him of Sarah, he must have been confused. Eh.

Melody suddenly realized she had put her T-shirt on inside out. She quickly pulled it off, fixed it, and placed it back on again. Finally, all dressed, she walked back over to the rack and started wrapping her long, black hair with the towel.

Next time I see him, Iíll ask him directly. No more scratching around the issue. He probably thinks Iím all soft now. I have to show him that Iím tough, strong, and not weak. Don't want any rumors to get around now.

Finally finished with her hair, Melody grasped the doorknob and pushed the bathroom door open into the trainer sleeping quarters, provided freely by every pokemon center around the world. Most of the beds lay empty, as the morning had already come and several people had already left to continue along their way. Only a few late birds remained in bed.

Melody hadnít caught a wink last night. Although she secretly wouldnít let anyone know about it, she did have compassion. Her worry over Jason plagued her to stay awake the rest of the night into the morning. Knowing that he was okay had calmed her mind and she suddenly felt the weariness of her own body. Finally, unable to fight the unavoidable, she crawled into one of the unused lower bunks and fell asleep.
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