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Default Re: Two New Pokemon Revealed!

What type do you think the cat is?? Hmm... It's probably a Normal- type, but hopefully it'll have some good moves. ... But, really, we don't need baby Pokemon mainly because everyone doesn't have the time to breed. They just want to be lazy and transfer super strong Pokemon into every game they get and beat it in a few hours. .... We need some new types of Pokemon. I'm not talking like a Space- type; I'm talking like a Zebra Pokemon or maybe new Eevee evos (although we don't need more)... *If you breed, Eevee is the best! For one, you get: Water, Fire, Electric, Dark, and Psychic. ... Eevee needs a Flying, Ground/ Rock, Steel, Poison, Grass, and Normal evo (in my opinion)... - I'm a BIG Eevee fan - <3

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