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Default Re: War FanFic: The Tears of Love

Chapter 2: A Trek Home

Sometime during the mid-afternoon, Melody woke up. As her mind drifted back into consciousness, she slowly stretched out. Her arms pushed up past her head while her legs shot downward. Her entire body felt the intense pull on her muscles until she finally relaxed them. The ease on her body issued out a sigh from her mouth before she opened her eyes.

“Looks like it’s a warm day.” She murmured seeing how she unknowingly kicked off her blankets while asleep. Already she could feel the day’s heat upon her light skin.

Slowly, she slid out of the bunk bed, carefully avoiding hitting her head on the upper bunk. Her towel continued to wrap itself around her now dry hair, though it barely hung on. Instantly, she removed the wet cloth and held it loosely in her left hand. Like before, she glanced around the room, noticing that now all of the beds were unoccupied. Apparently even the late risers beat her.

She turned and began folding the towel in her hands. She had dried her hair so many times that it was second nature. She easily strolled across the room to a storage closet in the side of the wall. The double doors stood open, a result of the last person to use it. She didn’t mind though, herself being a bit untidy at times. Quickly she looked in and located her light blue and green backpack hanging on one of the hooks. She zipped open the main pocket and effortlessly placed the towel inside. Sealing it, she then easily lifted the backpack up and placed it upon her shoulders.

Now to get some answers.

With that, she turned to the nearby door, twisted the knob, and exited the room. Her legs propelled her out into the sunlit corridor. Almost forgetting to close the door behind her, she had to backtrack a few steps to shut it, before continuing down the corridor to the recovery area. While she tended to be curious, this time her concern drove her to find out more about Jason and his near suicidal attempt.
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