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Default Re: Images From the New Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Season!

Originally Posted by flames_of_aries View Post
I'm a little glad that the 9th season is the last season. If each season represented a year (which I doubt) then Ash is 19 years old! Maybe when the Diamond/ Pearl season starts, Ash will retire and let a girl take his place... Y'know this girl could be his daughter (Hmmm, you never know) But, anyway, it'll be nice for Ash to retire and someone else take his place. The D/P season ... It could be like the first season ... The girl gets up late and has to get the rebellious Electric type Pokemon (the squirrel Pokemon) ... It could happen ... But I'm glad that Gary's back, even though he's a Pokemon Researcher now...
Hm. I don't think Ash is going anywhere. Also, Ash has never really aged in all these years anyhow, I doubt they are going to start now. Time passes in the anime, but the characters do not really age, there has not been a single birthday scene since the start of the anime (I know, they would not show it anyway but the focus has never been on the characters outward growth)
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