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Default Re: Sony Nintendo or Microsoft?

Originally Posted by Dakota View Post
Who cares? I don't buy games because of the company it comes from. I buy good games. These stupid "Xbox/PS2/Nintendo sux! Xbox/PS2/Nintendo rules!" fanboys drive me insane because they simply cannot think for themselves.

Games companies want this stupid "You can only like one of us" ideology because it sells their product. Just buy the games you like from whichever company it would happen to come from.
Agreed. I still have no idea why people are rooting for a company or not. This isn't a sport, you know.

Originally Posted by Hypocrisy Is Fun! View Post
They're all differnt, comparing them is stupid.
Aside from the fact that M$ and Sony are competing for the same niche in the maturing genres industry, yes you are right.

Originally Posted by InvertrevnI View Post
Apple computers=t3h PWNzorz.

I can do simply incredible things by manipulting my OS. ask my about Scripting them.
Linux. I think that already killed everything else. XD