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Default Re: Ash's New Clothes! New Diamond/Pearl Season Description!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
Ash's New Clothes! New Diamond/Pearl Season Description!

Ash will be in a new set of clothes for the new season in Japan, as shown in a new magazine scan. Little is known about the upcoming Diamond/Pearl season in Japan, but some more information was released by TV Tokyo's page on the new Diamond/Pearl season. The page is updated with a short description of the beginning of the season: Hikari is a ten-year-old girl who lives in Shinou. Today she is set to begin her Pokemon journey. When she travels to a town's lab to get her first Pokemon, she gets lost. At the lab, the three starter Pokemon, Naetle, Hikozaru, and Pochama, starts to fight with each other. The three Pokemon then ran away from lab.

As you may notice, there's no mention of Ash in that description. So what kind of role Ash will play in the two hour special or the Diamond/Pearl season, remains to be seen.

The new season will begin in Japan with a two hour special on September 28, 2006 (the same date that Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will be released in Japan).

Magazine Image (Click to Enlarge)

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*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
I hope Ash is still one of the main charecters
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