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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

Originally Posted by Closet Nerd View Post
...There was a poster on page 8 who claimed to have taught Alakazam "Thunderbolt" but nowhere in my yellow or crystal version of the game is that possible.

Thanks-if this gets answered I have a ton more questions (and a ton of pokemon with better moves it would seem than a lot of those who post here)
I'm not sure, but alakazam may be able to learn ThunderBolt through the Move Tutor in Crystal..?
Although i am certain it can learn ThunderPunch. The person may have just made a mistake when they typed the moves.

If you have random questions about RBY/ GSC, you should post them in the General Chit Chat Thread in this Board, where people can answer you and discuss the games. Just don't start making threads that can have a question answered in one reply. Chances are, it'll get locked before you can get anything decent explained to you.

And, Mew isn't very difficult to get.
Have you not heard of the infamous Mew Glitch?

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