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Default Re: Pokemon Space Party Recap!

Originally Posted by Mario
I attended the event, cause of course, I live in Houston! It was awesome! I leanred how to play the TCG game for the first time, and now that I know how to, I think it is real easy. Before I used to collect them, but now I know how to play the game. I also saw the movie in the GIGANTIC screen theater! It was awesome!

There's a lot of Pokémon going on in Houston. First it was one of the stops from the Pokémon Rocks America Tour, a whole month dedicated to Pokémon by our very own Mayor, and now this. What will be next, who knows, maybe a Pokémon Center?
You went there too? What day did you attend it? I went there the last day it was supposed to be there.

I know this thread is old, but I couldn't resist posting this.


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