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Default Re: War FanFic: The Tears of Love

Melody turned away from the door towards Jason. Quietly she stepped forward, keeping her focus upon Jason. When she reached him, she paused, unable to decide how to hand him the letter. Jason, too preoccupied with his pain, didn’t notice her presence. Finally, she simply tapped him on the shoulder. Jason looked up, lowering his hands from his face.

“I… um…. I have a letter for you.” She mumbled. “Here.” She said as she forced the letter into his face. Immediately she regretted the direct action, but bit her tongue.

For a moment, Jason merely stared at the letter; his uncontrollable sobs the only movement of his body. Finally, he reached up and plucked the envelope from her hand. He held it for a moment, as if it was the rarest gem in the world. Yet, as his gaze drifted upon the front, he soon discovered whom it was from.

A combination of a gasp and a cry escaped Jason’s mouth. For a moment, his voice seemed to be caught in his throat as a slight daze overtook him. His eyes locked on to the words, to the name. His entire being converged on the letter.

Finally, seconds later, Jason snapped out of his daze. He turned the letter over, his hands shaking. Slowly, he began to open the top using his fingers. Roughly he unsealed the white envelope, leaving the top a tangled mess. Yet he didn’t care about the white shell, but rather the precious message inside. Jason pulled out the folded letter, allowing the envelope to drop down to the hard linoleum floor. His hands enfolded themselves around the paper and slowly unfolded the paper before his soft eyes.

A mysterious silence fell upon the room. Jason’s pupils scanned each line, absorbing every word, every letter. His sobbing slowly dissolved into mere sniffles. As for Melody, she could only stare, searching Jason’s face for any hint to what the letter said or whom it was from. Yet, this time she took no action, leaving Jason alone in his thoughts.

A minute passed, though it seemed like an eternity to Melody. Jason’s gaze eventually reached the bottom of the paper to the signature. A single tear from his face fell upon the paper, but his crying did not resume. For a moment, he simply held the letter within his hands, his eyes unable to neither reread the letter nor look anywhere else.

Finally, Jason looked up towards Melody. A slight spark of life seemed to glisten in his eyes, surprising her. Before she could say anything, or even think to say anything, Jason spoke up, though quietly, unwilling to break the mystical silence.

“Melody,” he whispered, “This letter was written by Sarah’s mother.”
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