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Default Re: Gym Leader's requirements

Originally Posted by boltAge

firstly, i'd like to tell you a story of the good ol' monsta raik. don't worry, we'll just begin from a hundred year ago, instead of 5 hundred. long ago, raik oh raik owned the blackthorn gym. he had good mons that were tmed up well, but he finally gave up his gym. why, is what you ask. because he believed that he was being a terrible leader, and somebody else good would take over his gym. he didnt want to lose the badge to everybody.

there's my dollars(not cents).

anyway, away from the story *starts talking seriously*

I just believe that before a gym leader gets a gym, they have to get through a test set by the league managers. Getting the gym will have requirements, and that's up to the league manager to make. That's my 3 dollars.
Actually, that isn't a bad idea. There are already tests for becoming story graders and refs. The only thing is, you need to consider who will administer these tests and what will the test consist of. How will the person who wants the gym be tested before given consideration of owning the gym? But, I guess that's more in the hands of Jack and Flare than me. I guess as a suggestion, you could have a fake battle between the Pokemon the player has chosen for the gym and test them on balence, strategy, and performance. If the player looks competent to hold the gym, then it should be given to them, just like a grader or ref.

But then again, people are constantly leaving gyms or switching to new ones. I guess having a test would somewhat force a person to stay in the gym they are in, rather than leave and have to go through the test again. Maybe that way you'll have fewer people deciding to leave their gym.