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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 2
Flying Type Disadvantage

Jack continues to march down the dirt and grassy path where at the end would be the first town, Keadrill. He pops Rattata out for some walking company, whom runs from one side of the path to the other, smelling the different scents of the new surroundings. It seems like he will reach Keadrill without a problem. For this reason, Jack finds it very odd that in a world full of Pokemon and Trainers, he has only seen one Rattata and one Ekans so far. He knows Pokemon aren’t the easiest creature to find. But still, where are the other Trainers?

He ponders this some more then notices something in the short distance on the left side of the path. He flips up his sunglasses to make sure he is seeing what he thinks he is seeing. Moving closer, he realizes that it is a Pokemon lying on the ground. This Pokemon is small with two wings, three back feathers and a little fluff in the chest. It has a brown color on top and tan underneath with black around the eyes. Obviously it’s a bird Pokemon- the wings, sharp claws and beak are a dead give away. To be more exact, it’s a Pidgey and by the looks of it, hurt badly and unconscious. The noise of a small plane above distracts Jack as he watches the tail end momentarily vanish over the top of the trees.

Jack drops his sunglasses over his eyes. “This can’t be good.”


Kneeling to the ground, Jack goes to pick up the bird but it flinches and opens its eyes to see oncoming trouble. The sudden act of a human frightens the poor little injured bird. A quick jump up, it limps backward holding its right wing low to the ground.

“Whoa, wait Pidgey. I’m here to help you.” Jack proceeds forward trying to pick Pidgey up but it struggles away.

“Piidddgey,” it mumbles out pathetically.

The Pidgey wouldn’t go nicely, and even when Jack gets a grip, the bird wildly flaps it’s arms, screaming in pain. The wild squirming almost causes Pidgey’s claws to shred his shirt. For safety reasons, Jack has to put Pidgey down and step back to watch it regain balance.

“Pidgey, please. I want to help.” Jack can see in its face the fear and pain it must be feeling. He looks around but no other person is in sight. The only other choice is to catch it. “Pidgey, you are wounded and need help from a Pokemon Center and I will get you there.”

Jack opens one of his side pockets on his pack where he keeps his empty Pokeballs, grabs one and side tosses it to Pidgey. Pidgey attempts to limp and flap away but it gets nowhere. The wing is far too injured to be used for flying, thus Pidgey can’t escape the dreaded capture. The Pokeball hits, bounces off Pidgey for a second and the red light surrounds it. Slowly, Pidgey turns to a red shape and the beam is sucked into the open Pokeball. The Pokeball hits the ground with an immediate ping sound to signifying the quick and easy capture of Pidgey.

“Interesting”, Jack says to himself about the painless capture but this is not a time to waste. He steps over and grabs the Pokeball home to Pidgey and shoves it in his shorts pocket. He recalls Rattata and places that Pokeball back on his belt. After that, Jack rushes like a mad man on fire.


Upon reaching Keadrill, Jack has no time to take in the wonder that is this town. He has more important issues at hand. All the buildings are a blur to him as he rushes from person to person, asking where he can locate the Pokemon Center. Getting the directions, he finds the Pokemon Center, a small building, maybe the size of two regular elementary classrooms.

All Pokemon Centers have wide windows at the entrance to let the light inside and make it a more friendly atmosphere. The exterior has an overhang above the entrance to protect from the rain. This matches the red tiled round roof and antennae sticking out of the middle and a flag hanging from it with the same Pokecenter logo on the overhang; a simple PC in white bold letters with a red background. This building is one story tall while a few in the league are double the size. Of course, some cities have different features, such as Rontoto Beach. That city has two double story Pokemon Centers because of all the Trainer activity. Not to mention, it’s the home to the Official Leader and Grand Champion of the Stoplek League.

Jack enters through the automatic plexiglass sliding doors to find there is a small line of two people at the head desk. He waits a couple minutes, holding the Pokeball containing Pidgey in his hands. He didn’t want to wait for this line but that would be rude to cut to the front. Maybe these people have injured Pokemon as well.

Behind the counter is a lovely female with curly pick hair covered by a nurse hat with a red hospital cross in the middle. The rest of her outfit is a simple white nurse apron over a pink short sleeved shirt. The apron has deep pockets in front to hold nurse utensils and uses a string to tie a bow in the back. These nurses are the residents of all league operated Pokemon Centers: Nurse Joy. Everyone of them look the same, with maybe one or two differences but not many can tell. But no matter, they are the best and well trained nurses in almost every league.

Nurse Joy looks at the next Trainer seeing that it’s a new face and smiles. “Ah, a young new face around town. How may...”

However, Jack has no time for greetings and speaks out, "Could you please take this Pidgey and give it a check up?" Jack slides the Pokeball across the counter with his hand.

Nurse Joy is a little shocked. "Well, I see you are familiar with Pokemon Centers."

Actually, this is Jack’s first time being in a Pokemon Center. Pine Valley hasn’t allowed a Pokemon Center because the city officials don’t want the Trainer attention in their small town. Jack thinks that’s a lame reason and he is quite sure it has something to do with politics.

Joy continues. “Yes, I would be glad to heal Pidgey for you. That’s what Pokemon Centers do.”

"But I think this Pidgey has a broken leg and a broken wing or something like that. It needs more attention than healing, don’t you think?"

Nurse Joy looks down at the Pokeball then to the new face and gasps. "Chansey, we have an emergency. Let's open up Emergency Room One!"

Chansey is a large round pink Pokemon with pink dread locks hanging off the side of her head. They also have a pouch in front to hold Pokemon Eggs they are watching over. Chansey stops her work around the corner and follows Nurse Joy to a room in the back.

A second Chansey follows out and smiles at Jack. “Chansey!” When the local Nurse Joy takes an emergency case, a backup Chansey takes the desk to help people with their needs.

“Hi there Chansey. I’d like these Pokemon checked out too.” Jack drops his other three Pokeballs on the counter for Chansey to heal. He turns back and looks around. In all his rush, he still has his sunglasses on, so he takes them off inside the building so he can better look around and experience the Pokemon Center. His father told him a lot about these places but Jack never imagined it would be so interesting.

Most Pokemon Centers have the same look but all of them have white walls and ceilings and marble red tile floors. As the Trainer enters, the desk and service counter are straight in front. Behind the desk are two doors, the right one is an office and the left one leads to the back where the healing and emergency rooms are located. On the wall next to that door is a red light. When it is on, it means Nurse Joy is in the emergency room.

To the left is a small open room with a few comfy beanbag chairs and benches lined around one of the two walls; the third wall is actually one of the large windows in front that people can see in and out of the Pokemon Center. This room is designated as the Waiting Room for Trainer’s to wait for their Pokemon to be examined or when they are meeting someone there. Along the inside wall are the phones and transport systems for Trainer use only. There are usually four to five phones at any given Pokemon Center and they are free to use for all Trainer’s at any time. They sit on counters nailed perpendicular to the wall and each are separated by a vertical dark green plastic sheet for privacy. The phones are dark green and have their own picture monitor but they aren’t necessary to use most of the time. These phones are ideal for any Trainer to maintain contact with their Pokemon Storage facility. Also, they are nice to use for a call home every once in a while.

To the right is the lounge with tables and chairs and booths, more for talking to other Trainers and grabbing a quick bite to eat. Pokemon Centers don’t have the best food but to a Trainer with low money, free food is their choice. Since the Pokemon Center curves at that part, there is only one wall. This wall has a post up board for flyers and anything interesting that might be happening in the specific town.

Jack looks at the only flyer posted up at this time. It is a white paper copy, with a few words and a fuzzy black and white picture. “Earn those badges and make a name for yourself!” The picture features the bust of a guy Jack has never seen. At the bottom it says “The Stoplek League challenges all Trainers.” Basically the cheap flyer is advertising the Stoplek League.

“Why do they need to advertise here when practically everyone that comes in is a Trainer?” Jack is baffled by the flyer but continues his walk around the Main Lobby.

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