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Default Becoming Captain of Something

Becoming Captain of Something
Captain, a very high rank in Team Aqua. Even higher that SWAT. Captains are above the memberlist with the Leaders and are exempt from the posting rule. You cannot just recruit a few members, write a report, and give me money to become captain. You must work VERY HARD to become captain. To become captain, you must show outstanding dedication to Team Aqua. You can help out with ideas, and recruition, or you can get a promotion on the field when the WAR starts. I have the final decision when it comes to captain ranks, though, so don't think you can earn a point and become captain. As Captain, you hold the position for life or until you step down.

List of Captains
Captain of Espionage - Finch
Captain of SWAT - (Neo Pikachu)
Captain of Commandos - Espeon Rinage
Captain of the Marines - (Mudkip)
Captain of the Air Force - (Jamie)
Captain of Assassination - Skiboydogggy
Captain of Recruition - *No One*
Captain of the Sword Corps - *No One*
Captain of the Aqua Corps of Engineers - *No One*

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