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Default Re: Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Discussion

Wow. Two days.
Anyways, there's this funky glitch that I'm staring at right now. There is a Tyrogue and Aron (I'm in Mt. Steel), and they're changing. The Aron is changing sprites from a normal Aron, to a Tyrogue in a skin color with black pants. The Tyrogue is normal, but changing into an Aron with a red hue. Both of them are flickering back about every 1/4 second, and it's really weird. It's kinda funny though, because with the sprite swap, the Abnormal Tyroge is floating slighty below where a Pokemon would stand, and the Aron is floating in mid-air above its shadow. To be honest, I wish I had a webcam to take pictures of it, but I'm over my dad's house. I'll Quicksave, and see if it saves it.

EDIT: Darn it, it didn't. :(
(Btw, this is the DS version.)
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