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Default Re: All Pokemon in Diamond/Pearl Revealed!

Originally Posted by Ironshell Blastoise View Post
Yeah, Ramuparudo (I have a source that says his English name is Rampard, but don't hold me to that) is the evolution of the PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS Pokemon, Zugaidosu.

evolves into

And Rock Slide is the least of my worries from Rampard, as apparently he has a Rock typed attack with 150 base power and 80% accuracy, translated into Double Headbutt (name might change in the official English game). So, after STAB, that would be...225 base power.

So, we can take those stats and apply damage to the most common defensive walls in the ADV metagame. A level 100 Rampard with max 472 ATK using Double Headbutt will hit always 2HKO a max HP (334) max DEF (416) Skarmory.

Holy crap.
That Pokemon is hot. If only they would make even more Pokemon based after dinosaurs. ^__^

I'm really starting to like most of these guys, although a select few are hideous/dumb.
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