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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 3
Trainer’s Code

After his loss with Bernie, the Model Plane Club Manager, Jack has ditched the town of Keadrill and is moving to Blue Falls City. But first, some quality time with his Pokemon. Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Rattata and Pidgey are all called out.

“Good afternoon guys.” They each of his Pokemon call out their signature sound. “Today we are going to have fun so we can get to know each other.” Jack kneels down to pick up the injured Pidgey. “You need to be careful though. Nurse Joy said for you to be off activity for one week.”


A girl, not looking where she is running, trips over here dress and smacks into the back of Jack. Jack falls and catches himself to the ground, holding Pidgey up so she doesn’t get squished under his body.


The girl, sitting on the ground from the run-in, looks at the person she hit. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”
Jack rubs his side. “Sure. I was looking forward to being knocked to the ground.” He smiles from his sarcasm but she fails to find it funny. “What’s the hurry?”

She wears a mixture of red colors on her slender-to-wide dress which almost hits the ground. Her long red hair drapes over her shoulder from the fall and her large blue eyes blink saying they’re sorry. The face is much younger than Jack’s but the dress suggests otherwise.

“No time to chat, I’m being chased.” She stands and grabs Jack by the arm to lift him up.
Standing up, Jack looks in the direction she ran from. “A person? Pokemon?”

She didn’t answer the question, but instead points to the moving bushes with fear shaking in her body.
Jack recalls Pidgey to her Pokeball and his other three Pokemon take to the front in defensive positions.

The figure moves closer from the shadows of the trees to show itself to be.... a tall green mantis like Pokemon with sharp claws as hands and judgmental eyes. Its eyes are enraged and it quickly takes a swipe at the red dress girl.

“Aiii!” She screams, jumping behind Jack.

This is a Pokemon Jack has seen before in his studies. “It’s a ...”

“...Scyther.” She finishes.

“Yes, that’s it. Something you don’t see every day.”

Scyther has no time for the talking Trainer before him and swipes down, splitting up Pikachu, and Bulbasaur, knocking Rattata hard to the side. Jack and the girl step back.

According to the Trainer’s Code, it is the honorable thing to help any Pokemon or Trainer alike if needed. Jack has promised to follow this as best he can.

“It looks strong. Pikachu, use Thundershock.”

The sparks light up and the mini bolt fires only to miss a quickly fading Scyther. Scyther raises its scythe arm and slashes only once at Pikachu to put it down.

“One swipe? Wow...” Jack recalls Pikachu. “Bulbasaur, Vine Whip to stop it from moving.”

Two green vines move out and grab a hold of one of Scythers’ legs. Scyther looks back with its eyes and moves its free foot and body in a circular fashion. The spinning body wraps the vines around the caught legs. Bulbasaur tries to hold onto the ground but the spinning is too strong and around he goes, being spun by Scyther. With the spin of gravity taking play, dizzy Bulbasaur can’t hold on any more and lets go, flying backward rolling on the ground.

“Bulba...” @.@

“Oh man, it’s tough.” Bulbasaur is recalled.

Before Jack can call anything for his Rattata to use, Scyther leaps to the last standing Pokemon with a double slash attack. Good thing Rattata is small and harder to hit. The double slashing attacks miss and Rattata dashes next to a tree panting. That first hit took a lot out of him but Rattata isn’t likely to give up. Rattata stares up at the tall green Pokemon with eyes of readiness. Scyther quickly steps left, swinging its right scythe toward Rattata. *SHING* The scythe punctures into and through the thick tree inches above the ducking rat. Rattata squints his eyes and opens them to see everything is fine. Scyther pulls from the tree, kicking it and using the other scythe to slash at it but the right scythe is stuck deep in the tree.

The red dress girl tugs on Jack’s shirt. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“You don’t just leave something this rare and not catch it. On the other hand, even with one scythe stuck, it would still beat me..” Jack sighs wishing his Pokemon were stronger.

The two of them vacate north and leave Scyther stuck in the tree. Jack would like to help it but who knows if the Pokemon would be stable or not after it’s freed. He wants to help Pokemon in need but this is one exception he will have to make.

After getting far enough away, the two stop and rest from the exhausting action.

“I think we’re safe now. That Scyther won’t be chasing you anymore.” He takes a deep breath to rest.

“Maybe, but I need to go that way to get to Keadrill.” She looks back where they just were, then to the guy in the hat. “Hi, I’m Madeline Summerset.”

“Name’s Jack. Do you need help getting there?” Not the direction Jack was hoping to go but helping another Trainer out is an honorable thing to do as a Trainer.

“No, I can handle it.”

Jack wonders. “Didn’t look like it back there.”

Madeline stares at Jack. “You think I can’t handle Pokemon just because I’m a new to this?”

“Hey, don’t bite my head off. So, when did you start?”

“About a week ago.”

Jack smiles. “I only started yesterday. What a coincidence running into another beginning Trainer.”

She curiously looks at Jack. “But, you’re much older than I am. Why are you starting so late?”

“It’s a long story but it deals with my father. And I’m only seventeen. Not that old.”

Madeline takes a seat on a small rock. “I know what you mean. My parents didn’t think I would be responsible until fifteen. Now, here I am, being chased by Scyther and losing my Pokemon.”

“You lost your Pokemon?”

“Yea. When Scyther surprised me I dropped my purse with all my belongings.”

Jack can see the sadness in her face. “I will help you find it.

Madeline brightens up. “Really? I guess it was good to run into you after all. Thanks.”

Finishing their short rest and small talk, the two split up to meet back at this spot later. The forest is confusing so she can’t remember where she dropped her purse but she knows it must be in the area. There are not many hiding places here either, only in bushes or up a tree. Relatively, the purse shouldn’t be too hard to find.


But, losing track of time, Jack sees the sky turning shades other than blue and figures to head back. He returns to find Madeline there, waiting for the past hour. Nothing.

She saddens. “Someone must have took it. I’ve lost everything. Maybe my parents were right about me being irresponsible.” She pouts on her little rock.

“It will show up, I’m sure. Besides, it’s getting dark soon so we should worry about setting up camp.”

“Hello.” A different female voice speaks from behind. She is much older than the two of them with long brown slick hair and grey eyes covered by a pair of regular glasses. She wears a nice peach collared shirt and blue jeans. She slowly walks from Jack’s side to the two Trainers and notices the red dress quickly because it stands out so much in a greenish forest, even with the darkening sky. “My search is over.” She brings up her arm to show a fuchsia purse. “I believe this is yours.”

Madeline perks up fast and quickly snatches her purse. “Oh thank you so much. But how did you know it’s mine?”

The lady moves around. “That was my Scyther that chased you. We were taking a walk and it saw the red dress and went for it. I couldn’t stop him and lost track of following you. I’ve been searching since then.”

Jack nudges in, “See, it turned up.”

“So, where’s my Scyther?”

Madeline looks at Jack whom turns to the lady. “Last we saw over there.” He points. “We can show you.”

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