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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 39

The fighting was still going on, and I could hear loud explosions all around me, as well as new fires raging out. Already the assembly plants were under attack.

On the rooftop, I had seen a familiar face approach me. It was Sever, looking at me seriously.

“There are transports waiting by the prison entrance, Juno.” Sever told me, “There should be enough to carry everyone out of here. Take the prisoners and get out of here, by now the guards by the door should be gone.”
“You’re crazy!” Vice shouted in protest, “You pack ‘em up, we still have fighting to do here.”
“He’s right, Vice.” I corrected him, “Come on, we’ve done more than enough here.”

After Vice had recalled Storm Gale and Randy had begun to follow us, we had headed back into the prison and prepared to release the locks. This time, we were even faster, heading downstairs and once we found the release, the metal panels on the doors and windows had folded up and were removed. Then, he headed to the group of prisoners on the first floor and guided them to the transports waiting just outside.

The transports were huge, metal trucks with tiny slits for windows to prevent entry of attacks but to allow at least some circulation. Armadillos and Land Splitters were racing all over the Macomb city, shooting down any Crimson Star resistance and tearing apart the little that was left of the city.

Once the prisoners from the first floor were packed in, we then brought out the second floor’s prisoners, and kept going until the entire prison was empty. Then, Randy, Vice, and I had climbed into the final transport, and then the doors were shut, and closed in tight. It wasn’t long before we had begun moving. It wouldn’t be long before the fighting force that we left behind would follow us home, because there was very little left of Macomb now.

Moving by armored transport was much slower than riding the skies as a Storm Rider. It nearly took triple the time, and certainly wasn’t as exciting at all. Regardless, we had accomplished our mission. And even as I thought about it, somewhere on one of the transports must have been Alex. What freaked me out the most was knowing I led him out into the transport and didn’t even know it was him. But now wasn’t the time to start looking for him. That would have to wait until we got everyone home.

Exhausted and weary, I had fallen asleep in the transport, just waiting and waiting…

It was a bright light that had caused me to awake. When I opened my eyes, I realized the transport door had been opened. The other Silver Rebellion soldiers around me had begun heading out, and so did I. And moments later, I had laid eyes on the familiar sight of Symarix. It was great to be back. Macomb was definitely a nightmare I didn’t want to live over again.

It didn’t take very long before word had gotten out that I had slain Vorox, the commander of the Wind Strikers. To say the least, Jamac and Achilles were extremely impressed with my performance, and had promoted me to the commander of the Storm Riders as well as a General of the Silver Rebellion army. Meanwhile, Sinis had been giving me another odd stare. I really didn’t know what was wrong with him, or if he was just jealous of something.

A report had come in concerning Macomb’s state, and to say the least the base wouldn’t be coming back online, and it definitely would cripple the war effort of the Crimson Stars. Apparently, Vice and Randy were given promotions as well, simply for their contributions in the attack on Macomb.

But somehow, it really didn’t surprise anyone that I had already been given an extremely high promotion in such little time. Most of them said it was because I was able to kill Vorox and lead the destruction of a base that had never been penetrated before. Regardless, this war was far from over. Yet, even for me, I didn’t know what lied at the end…

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