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Default Re: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: Record Sales!

Originally Posted by Ledgened Man View Post
yes but isn't there a romour about if sooooo many sold in japan they might start selling them in te usa thi november. still rekon it is real because i do - i just want it QUICKER !!!
Yeah, there is a rumor about D/P might come out around November 14 (the date "set" by other sites) but I doubt it. For one, translating and distributing the game across the US by the next month, and two, advertising. I haven't seen any commercials on it, but I guess it's a little early. If it does come out any earlier than Spring 2007, my bet will be Christmas. -.- (I hate Christmas... Bah Humbug) But the sales in Japan was surprising, but it is the first Pokemon game for the DS. The only reason - I think - Gold and Silver did so good was the fact that new Pokemon (other than the original 150-151) was in the game. :) (Remember Pikablu aka Marril??) Later!

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