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Default Re: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: Record Sales!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
To quote myself from :

"I asked Seth, the Product Localization Coordinator for Nintendo of America, how long it usually takes to translate a Pokemon game. He said about six weeks. But in total, it takes about four months to complete the finished product."

Obviously he couldn't reveal too much about Diamond/Pearl at the time I met him, but he did say that they were working on Diamond/Pearl at the time (this was back in August). Four months later would be December. But even when the game is complete, it doesn't mean it will be released immediately. It takes time to get the product out to stores and stuff like that. The Wii is complete today as we speak, it doesn't mean it's in stores right now.
Well, I know that actually releasing the game takes months, but I'd just thought I'd say that it's not the translating that takes the longest to do.

If the proposed time of it being complete would be the end of winter, then why are they waiting until Spring to release it? That's not fair.

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