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Default Re: Gym Leader's requirements

Well, guess I should say something about this since it was me who started all of this.....

Nope, cant think of anything...

The whole point is (no matter what you think Bron) that Gyms are not soposed to be easy to beat AND NEW MEMBERS SHOULDNT BE ABLE TO GET IT RIGHT AWAY. Thats why there should be that 2 pokemon rule. If you cant get 2 mon for "the gym you want SOOO much", then you are just incompetent... How hard is it to get 5000-8000 and buy a pokemon from the mart? And there are at least 2 mons of almost every type in it......

Oh and one other thing... For all those gym leaders out there who refuse challenges because "they are too weak to defend it right now", why did you take the gym in the first place (exclude Bron in this one, his PC problems would drive anyone insane, yet he's still around). IF your too weak, give it up and ask for it again when you feel strong enough to defend it properly.