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Default Re: Journey Across Oz Tour 2006: Recap!

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I'm sending them a letter to ask if there's any way I can get the internal battery of my Silver cartridge fixed, so I'll make sure to ask about the legendaries as well and I'll let you know what they say.
Internal battery? Is that the thing that tells the game what time of day it is? O.o ...My Gold version is broke beyond repair. You can only start a new game. Even if you save, the game starts over again. It really p*ssed me off when I wanted to restart it just for fun. I got like two badges and was training for the third gym when I saved the game and turned it off. The next day, the starting options were START NEW GAME or OPTIONS. I was like, O.O!! So, I think I restarted my Crystal version and played it until I got bored. Finally I restarted my Emerald version whenever the D/P news about the Pal Park thing came out. (I was getting some Pokemon ready to trade.) Now I have Mew on my Emerald, and I need to complete my Pokedex to trade to D/P. ... Later. (I said too much.)

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