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Cool Ultra Rpg Summer Knock-out Tournament 2004 (sign-up!)

Credit to Neo Pikachu

{NOTE: Iíve been given the nod ahead by Mr. Leprechaun to be able to do this}


Nope! Your eyes havenít gone spasticated or blurred! Nope! You havenít got gum in your ears! {Well at least I hope not }


*Everyone claps*



Maybe not

Okay the name of this will be The Dapkmnguy Tournament!. Hosted by Dapkmnguy! Made by Dapkmnguy! Even Special features by Dapkmnguy! So what do you say!!

*Someone throws tomato*

You no like?

Tough! *Shoots everyone*

Eh? Maybe not thenÖ


Okay Iíve had my fun lol

Seriously guys the name of this tournament is the ULTRA RPG SUMMER KNOCK OUT TOURNAMENT 2004! Got a better name? Sue me! {Actually just pm me or I.m me on messenger}

Tournament History

Well unless Iíve missed one, there have only ever been two tournaments. The first was hosted and made by none other than Figgy. That was a knock out tournament but sadly it grew very inactive and a lot of people dropped out making the tournament unsuccessfulÖit never finished. Then along came Duxís double tournament idea. It seemed to have a lot of interest in it but it never got startedÖI guess arranging a time for 4 people plus a ref top be online at the same time to battle was asking a lot. So there hasnít been word from one sinceÖUNTIL NOW!

Yes history schmistory! Iím here to change all that with this Tournament and I will make it successful even if it involves blackmailing Harry Kim to tell me his age lol

The Rules

There will be a maximum of 16 competitors allowed in this tournament. I would love to allow it up to 32 but Iím afraid if that happened then the tournament will become inactive and probably fail. THOUGH! If I do get 32 competitors who are willing and dedicated to see it through to the end then I will talk it over with Jack.

But at the moment it remains as 16 competitors.

For those though that get knocked out during the first round {8 people} they get the chance to still have fun by participating in the Minor Tournament. There will be prizes for participating in that too.

Places in the Major Tournament will go at a first come first serve basis {I am though reserving 1 place to Harry Kim because he has gone away for a week so it would only be fair for him to have a chance at entering. If though when he returns he does not wish to participate then his spot will be open}.

There will be four rounds in the Major Tournament:

1st Round: 16 competitors. 8 matches. 8 people get sent to the Minor Tournament. 8 people will advance to the next round of the Major Tournament.

2nd Round: 8 competitors. 4 matches. 4 people go out the Tournament. 4 people advance to the Semi-Finals.

3rd Round {SEMI-FINALS): 4 competitors. 2 matches. 2 people go into the 3rd place play off. 2 people advance to the final round, The Final.

4th Round {FINAL}: 2 competitors. 1 match. 1 person falls at the final hurdle. 1 person succeeds and is crowned winner of the Tournament.

Extra round {3rd Place Play off}: 2 competitors. 1 match. The two that lost in the Semi-finals face off to earn 3rd place. 1 gets 3rd spot. 1 gets 4th.

The Minor Tournament will have three rounds. These will be the same as the Major Tournament rounds, starting from the second round though, rather than the first.

The matches will be drawn AT RANDOM using the trusted Research Randomiser Form. The system is at this way, fair and is in no means biased. If you have a strong objection to this method being used then contact me at the usual methods.

Each battle that takes place in the tournament will be a 3 on 3, stadium, no items match. But the Semi-finals and the battle for 3rd and 4th will be a 4 on 4 while the Finals shall be a full 6 on 6 battle.

Competitors though have a deadline of 1 and a half weeks to complete each battle. Battles that arenít completed but got up to half way through or more, will be decided by the officals to who has won. For those battles though that never even get started or barely started, matches will be decided by the flip of the coin. Both methods may be unfair but it is to stop people lagging about with their matches. To basically stop it being unfair, just finish your matches early. Bug the refs if you have to but just do it! Lol. {Note please though that this does not apply to Semi-Finalists and Finalists. Semi-finalists will have 2 weeks to complete their battle and Finalists wonít have a time limit, as we need a true winner}
As you well know, the war URPG battles are going on at the same time and some of you might be worried of it clashing. Well to solve that it would be best to participate in tournament battles on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as War battles donít happen on those days.

UrPg Co-OfFiCiAl

VPP Slowbro. LV 100 @ 1191.
(sprite credit to Soara)


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