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Default Re: Ultra Summer Rpg Knock-out Tournament 2004 (sign-up!)

Official Referees for this Tournament is as follows {note though that they are chosen because of experience, in the exception of Mlugia who has gotten the rank of referee for the duration of the tournament due to hard work and a noticeable air of knowledge in the job}:

Flare {If ever comes back}
Nintendo Freak {If ever comes back}

{NOTE: if any of the said Referees object to being part of this, and do not wish to referee any matches, then they will be removed from the list}

For those who don’t own three Pokémon and still would like to compete then go home and cry to your mommas! Joke! Joke! lol!

If that situation applies to you then never fear! You will be able to borrow basic Pokémon from the Pokémart. Basic Pokémon include Bulbasaur and Pidgey but NOT Snorlax or Heracross. Though if the competitor gets down to the Semi-finals or finals, then more Pokémon will be able to be given out {more information when closer to the time if the situation arises}. Any queries? Then reply in this thread, pm I.m or me me. Remember though these are only LOANED out to you. They will be handed back to the Pokemart after you have finished participata ing in the Tournament. They are not yours to keep! Anyone trying to steal any of them then er well…I’ll leave Fair to think of a suitable punishment but I can only guess what it will involve

Battles will be posted by referees in the Result thread which will be posted as soon as the pairings have been posted.

I’m sorry to do this but only people with messenger may participate in this tournament. This is due to the fact that in Figgy’s Tournament, the matches were mostly done on the Forums and that’s why it took so long and grew inactive. So if you want to participate, get an AOL or Yahoo Messenger {Msn and ICQ is also allowed also, but only if both competitors own them}

Now that all the rules and guidelines have been laid out, it is time to announce what you have all been waiting for...THE PRIZES!!!!


-First off, anyone competing in the tournament will receive $1000.

-The winner of each battle receives $2000, and the loser receives $1000.

So we are looking at that the absolute minimum payment of competing is $2000, {not including competing in the Minor Tournament} and if that’s not a good enough reason to compete, then I don’t know what is!

-The Winner of the Major Tournament will receive $20,000 and a Legendary of their choice that isn’t already taken.

-Runner up of the Major Tournament will receive $10,000 and an unevolved Pokémon of their choice (Pokemart or not).

-Third spot of the Major Tournament and the Winner of the Minor Tournament will receive $5,000 and any basic Pokémon from the Pokémart.

-Fourth spot of the Major Tournament and Runner up of the Minor Tournament will receive $2,500.

-Referee wages will the same as the winners of the matches.

{Please note that the prizes and payments haven’t been fully approved so there may be some changes to it}

-Pay checks and prizes will be awarded AT THE END OF THE TOURNAMENT Do not add your money on until the very end at the Grand Ceremony as it will be less confusing.


So after hearing all that are you interested in entering? I hope so. But if you do make sure you see it through to the very end and do not drop out half way through. If you think you can stick to it then fill out the following short form:

Number of Pokémon currently owned: {if you own less than three, then please clearly state which one or two Pokémon you would like to borrow from the Pokémart}

Tournament Participants 32/32

Johto Trainer
Venasaur Trainer
Neo Pikachu
Matt n' Vulpix
Dark Absol
Joe Mama
Dark Luddico
Dark Raichu

Tournament Officials

President: Dapkmnguy_3000
Vice President: lil_leprachaun33

UrPg Co-OfFiCiAl

VPP Slowbro. LV 100 @ 1191.
(sprite credit to Soara)


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