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Default Viz Media: New Pokemon Products in October and November!

Viz Media: New Pokemon Products in October and November!

Viz Media has announced the upcoming release of new Pokemon DVDs, manga, and 3D pop out activity books (for the younger fans). Here's the list of the upcoming products from Viz Media:

10th Anniversary Pokemon Series - October 2006
In celebration of Pokemon's 10th Anniversary, there are two new releases available in October that are part of the 10th Anniversary Pokemon series. Pokemon 10th Anniversary Vol. 6: Eevee and Pokemon 10th Anniversary Vol 7.: Bulbasaur. These two releases are part of the 10 volume series that commemorate the top Pokemon characters as selected by votes submitted by fans at Each disk has three classic episodes of the adventures of the featured Pokemon.

Pokemon: Advanced Battle - November 2006
Also newly released are Pokemon: Advanced Battle Vol. 3: Absolute Disaster and Pokemon: Advanced Battle Vol 4: Eight Ain't Enough. Each disk contains five episodes from Pokemon: Advanced Battle series and will be available in November.

Pokemon Season One Box Set - November 2006
This comprehensive set features the first 26 episodes of the hit series that started it all. Meet Ash in his hometown of Pallet Town where he meets Pikachu and his Pokemon adventures begin. Join his friends in this special box set containing the first episodes from Season 1! MSRP: $39.98.


Viz Media further complements these animted series titles with a range of new manga offerings that include All That Pikachu! Ani-Manga, Pokemon Tales, Best of Pokemon Adventures, Pokemon 3D Pop-Outs, and Charmander and Friends 3D Pop-Outs.

All That Pikachu, Ani-Manga, Volume 1 - October 2006
A full-color Ani-Manga presentation of two complete Pikachu stories taken directly from Pokemon animation. In the main story, the ambitious Pokemon collector Jirarudan is trying to gather three Legendary Pokemon – Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres – in order to summon the fabled Pokemon called Lugia that is so powerful it chooses to seclude itself deep under the sea. If he can capture the Pokemon (sounds better than monster), Jirarudan will become the most powerful Pokemon Trainer on the planet. In Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, while the Pokemon enjoy a summer nap, Togepi wanders off and gets lost and Pikachu and Elekid must search for it. Along the way they meet a number of rare Pokemon, discover a secret garden and survive a freak lightning storm. Can they rescue their lost friend and also prevent a forest fire? MSRP: $7.99.

Best of Pokemon Adventures, Volume 1 - October 2006
Pokemon is more than a game or an animated TV show. It’s a cultural phenomenon that has won the hearts and minds of fans around the globe. This special volume is sure to delight young fans of the series, as well as older ones, and comes packed with new adventures featuring Ash and Pikachu and plenty of other Pokemon! MSRP: $7.99.

Pokemon Tales, Volume 1 - October 2006
Each of these mini-board books designed for early readers tells the story of a different Pokemon and the Trainers who love them. This volume introduces readers to a typical day for Pikachu as it eats, sleeps, plays and learns about the world. This is a wonderful offering for younger fans. MSRP: $4.95.

Pikachu & Friends 3D Pop-Outs - November 2006
A fun activity book for younger fans that features an easy-to-assemble 3D puzzle pack. Simply pop out the pieces and fit them together and within seconds assemble a special Pokemon toy. MSRP: $9.99.

Charmander & Friends 3D Pop-Outs - November 2006
A complement to the Pokemon & Friends 3D Pop-Out set, this one features Pikachu’s Fire-type friend, Charmander. Provides the same easy-to-assemble format and is sure to deliver hours of fun. MSRP: $9.99.

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