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Default Tournament Rules

Since all this deletion and moving around of forums... i've had second thoughts about the tournament. it's taking way too long and there are other tournaments we should start.

Here's what i am going to do:
- eliminate the losers bracket and make it single elimination for the 6 people left in the winners bracket.

Ok, there ya go. This is how the rest of the tourney will play out. 3v3, no items, g/s rules. Battle over IM or forum-- whichever.

Nintendo (if he wants to)

-Remaining players-

Tankx vs Jack

Shroomish vs Matthew

Curtis vs Matt

1st- A legendary of their choice not already taken and a hold item (ex. Pink Bow). $5,000
2nd- Any Pokemon of their choice, non evolved or a holding item. $3,000
3rd- A Pokemon from the Pokemart of their choice and $1,000.

I know Shroomish said she was dropping out, but I'm hoping that she stays in the tourney now. After this round it will be a round robin tournament style where the last three people will battle each other and the person with the most points wins.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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