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Default t3h Simpsons Trivia (difficult)

Lo everyone. Sorry if this has been done before, but whatever. This hopefully will be challenging to those (if any) simpsons fanatics -like myself- out there.
Okay, here are the first batch of questions.

1.) T/F, are Patty and Selma the two twins in Bart's class? 1 pt.
2.) Name two of Bart's former crushes. 2 pts.
3.) Name three characters that have died in the simpsons. 3 pts.
4.) T/F, Lisa is two different ages throught the series. 5 pts.
5.) In the episode 'The B-Sharps' what is a flaw in the episode? 5pts.
6.) How tall is Marge without hair? 3pts.
7.) How many episodes is Sideshow Bob in?4pts.
8.) What is the title of the 200th episode? 4pts.
9.) Which Simpsons episode was going to be the Simpsons movie? (The Simpsons movies was cancelled.) Hint: This episode is in the fourth season. 5pts.

1. ace557 14 pts.
2. Matt & Vulpix 10 pts.
3. Inferno 7 pts.

That's all for now.

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