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Default Re: t3h Simpsons Trivia (difficult)

1.) T/F, are Patty and Selma the two twins in Bart's class? 1 pt.
2.) Name two of Bart's former crushes. 2 pts.
3.) Name three characters that have died in the simpsons. 3 pts.
4.) T/F, Lisa is two different ages throught the series. 5 pts.
5.) In the episode 'The B-Sharps' what is a flaw in the episode? 5pts.
6.) How tall is Marge without hair? 3pts.

1. False (they are his aunts, Marge's sisters)
2. That girl who went out with Jimbo and the girl played by Reese Witherspoon (that McBaine's daughter girl)
3. Jazz-Man, Marge's grandmother (or mother, not sure), can't think of anyone else
4. True, she turns ten in one of the episodes I think. (or eight)
5. no clue
6. She is 8 feet tall with the hair but without, not sure.
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