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Talking Re: Ruby Trivia

I am sooo sorry,RedEeveeMaster,but your answer is...CORRECT!
Like it wouldn't be? <---Sorry the Goofy and Eh faces are just so funny!

Dark Luddico~7 points
RedEeveeMaster~6 points
Mario~5 points
TonyTrainer~2 points
{Next Question*Easy-1 point}
Tell me the level that Torchic evolves into Combusken at,and then tell me what level Combusken evolves into Blaziken at.
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As a girl fused with a Houndoom travels through the region,she learns about taking care of Pokemon. Soon,she hears about an evil organization planning to freeze all of the region Ona. In this situation,she is forced to work with the humans she feared and hated before to save the sacred region. Can she do it?
Kara And Circe-Houndoom Hybrid and Black and Orange Torchic-Working Together With A Special Bond
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