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Default Re: t3h Simpsons Trivia (difficult)

Originally Posted by ace557
oh oh me pick me!

1.) T/F, are Patty and Selma the two twins in Bart's class? 1 pt. false duh
2.) Name two of Bart's former crushes. 2 pts. wish i knew
3.) Name three characters that have died in the simpsons. 3 pts. um two ansers snow ball's 1-4 (guess one) and the jazz man, some talk show host on a TV and mages mom
4.) T/F, Lisa is two different ages throught the series. 5 pts. true she turns tenn in the ep with some wierd guy that thinks he's Michel Jackson
5.) In the episode 'The B-Sharps' what is a flaw in the episode? 5pts. um i guess the one where bart got hit by Mr. Brens hay look three B's lol
6.) How tall is Marge without hair? 3pts. um i'll guess 5 feet tall
7.) How many episodes is Sideshow Bob in?4pts. 4 i think
8.) What is the title of the 200th episode? 4pts. ?? no cule
9.) Which Simpsons episode was going to be the Simpsons movie? (The Simpsons movies was cancelled.) Hint: This episode is in the fourth season. 5pts. um i think it was the one when they went to japan
Good job, 14 pts.

Originally Posted by Inferno
Sideshow Bob might've been in like 5 episodes. Are you counting the ones w/o speaking parts?

The 200th episode is when U2 guest stars, right? The Trash of the Titans?

There was an Imax Simpsons movie, wasn't there? It was based off the halloween special with the 3D junk. And I think Itchy & Scratchy were reported to have a movie in the works...
So if the episode is from the 4th Season then the episode it was based off of was "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie"?
4 more points
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