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Cool [lilbabydino's stats]

Name: lilbabydino
Instant messenger names:
AIM: x lilbabydino x
Money: $15,300
Win/Loss/Draw: 86/56/0
FFAs: 8
Highest FFA Ranking: 1st with Kingdra
Current position: Trainer, Ref, EX-Co-Ordinator
Current Pokemon:

Houndoom | Male | Flash Fire / Early Bird
Received Through: Starter
TM's/HM's: Sunny Day, Solar Beam
Participation: 49
FFA's: 1:3rd

Ampharos | Female | Static
Received Through: Pokemart
TM's/HM's: Rain Dance
Participation: 25

Walrein | Male | Thick Fat / Ice Body
Received Through: Pokemart
TM's/HM's: Surf
Participation: 35

Heracross | Male | Guts / Swarm
Received Through: Pokemart
TM's/HM's: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Rock Slide
Participation: 30

Kingdra | Male | Swift Swim / Sniper
Received Through: Story: The trip of a lifetime
TM's/HM's: Surf, Return, Substitute, Ice Beam, Toxic, Hidden Power Dark, Rain Dance, Attract, Rest, Sleep Talk
Participation: 39
FFA's: 5:1st

Shuckle | Female | Sturdy / Gluttony
Received Through: Pokemart
TM's/HM's: Toxic, Sandstorm, Attract, Double Team
Participation: 5

Crobat | Male | Inner Focus
Received Through: Pokemart
TM's/HM's: Sludge Bomb, Dark Pulse, Roost
BM's/MT's: Hypnosis, Nasty Plot
Participation: 16
FFA's: 1:9th
Items Used: (Soothe Bell)

Items: (DAYCARE TICKET: A free trip to the daycare for one (1) mon) {HM 03 - SURF} [TM Brick Break]
Badges: Pewter City

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