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Default Dark Raichu vs Dark Luddico

Round 1, Dark Raichu vs Dark Luddico

3 on 3, stadium, no items

Dark Raichu with Mudkip, Sceptile, Magby{not used}
Dark Luddico with Combusken, Mudkip, Larvitar

Mudkip tears through Combusken with a critical hit hydro pump but Combusken first gets a sky uppercut in to damage Mudkip.
Mudkip is sent for DL and he uses hydro pump twice to finish DRís Mudkip.
Sceptile is then sent and uses leaf blade on Mudkip and larvitar to win.

Dark Raichu wins and gets $2000 and moves onto the next round of the major tournament.

Dark Luddico looses and gets $1000 and moves into the minor tournament.


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(sprite credit to Soara)

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