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Default Re: Ultra Rpg Summer Knock-out Tournament 2004 {Result Thread}

Round 1, battle 15.

Shane O Mac version 3 vs Aleyquala

3 vs 3
No items

A truly close match, Aleyquala gained the advantage early when his Lapras took down Tony's Dugtrio. However, as Lapras took down Tony's Misdreavus too (Confuse ray, ice beam), Misdreavus was able to deal hefty damage to Lapras, causing Tony's Ttar to OHKO the lapras. Flygon came out to provide aid, but only managed 1 attack in before OHKOed by Blizzard. Steelix finally enters the ring, and after enduring a fire blast, earthquakes for the win.

Moving on to round 2: Aleyquala
Moving to minor Tourney: Shane O Mac

Aley 2000
Tony 1000
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