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Default Pokemon Ranger: Released!

Pokemon Ranger: Released!

Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS has been released today!

Official Game Summary
- Experience a whole new way to capture Pokemon! Circle Pokemon using the Capture Styler with Nintendo DS stylus control.
- Use each Pokemon's special abilities to clear obstacles and to help capture other Pokemon.
- Capture and interact with more than 200 of your favorite Pokemon.
- Work your way up the Pokemon Ranger ranks by succeeding at official missions throughout the Fiore region.

Pokemon Ranger is unlike any Pokemon game you've played before. You control your character using the stylus, and all Pokemon are captured using a Capture Styler instead of a Poke Ball. Since you're a Pokemon Ranger and not a trainer, you must release each captured Pokemon back into the wild after they help you. It's a whole new way to explore the Pokemon universe!


To learn more about Pokemon Ranger, visit the official Pokemon Ranger website:

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