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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 5
Waterfall Mystery

After leaving Blue Falls City, Jack finds himself walking to the next town, Styper City. There, his first Gym match will take place. But is he really ready for the battle?

The trees surround him as he walks the dirt path. Shortly, he sees a woman with long brown hair standing and looking around. Jack walks over to her. “Are you lost?”

“I was headed for the waterfall when I got mixed up in the forest.” She turns around to reveal her face; brown eyes with glasses. It’s Trish. “Oh, hi.”

“Fancy running into you again. I wondered where you left.”

“Sorry for that. I had business to attend to and needed to leave.”

“Ok. So what’s this waterfall you mentioned?”

“Yes. It’s how Blue Falls City gets its name. There is a gathering happening there and I don’t want to miss it.”

“Well, I just left the city and I’m heading to Styper.” Jack points in the north direction.

“Oh, thank you very much. Say, you should come too.” Trish runs off in a hurry, heading west.

Highly interested in something going on, and having never seen a waterfall in person before, Jack follows but not at the running pace. He isn’t that excited and doesn’t feel the need to arrive any time soon. Within ten minutes, Jack hears the sound of water splashing down and there before him is the waterfall.

The waterfall is a nice clear blue color, just like the name of the city and the river that flows through it. The waterfall stream is very narrow and not very rapid, giving it serene pleasure to a guests ears. The water lands in a large lake at the bottom which then turns to a stream and heads for Blue Falls City. The odd difference about this waterfall is that it pours out from the middle of a flat-topped mountain rather than the top. The mountain is roughly six stories tall, making the waterfall cave three stories. It looks like a regular cave entrance only with water trickling out of it.

"Wow!!" Jack expresses. He walks closer to the lake, noticing many other people here; mostly tourists, an ambulance crew, three police officers including Officer Jenny, and one television news crew. However, the reporter is very familiar, with long black hair cropping around her black eyes and a nice television face. She wears a typical buttoned down news style blue dress which stops above her knees. Jack walks close enough to listen to what she is saying.

"Many people say that Blue Falls Waterfall is a place of peace and relaxation; a place to learn just by listening to the water. Those same people say that this waterfall is a place to fear." She points to the top of the waterfall at the cave entrance. "That small cave entrance in which the water pours out is very mysterious. Many people say they have heard loud noises coming from it and a few have witnessed an unknown Pokemon splash out. The mystery of the Blue Falls Cave, as it is being named now, is off the scale. No one knows what is inside and it is difficult to determine. Two years ago, some thrill seeking explorers went into the waterfall cave for a first hand look around but were never seen in town again.” She then points to the top of the mountain over the waterfall. “With new technology, they are able to use certain electronic waves to travel through rock and determine the inside layers. We have been told there is a cave inside, very deep and possibly an underground lake.” Finally, she points at the left side of the lake. “Today, these two men, in which you see over there, will attempt to climb into and find out what, if anything, is inside.” She pauses. “And cut.” The camera goes off. "This story will finally be my jackpot in getting my own ‘Real Adventures’ show." The reporter notices the new watching Trainer, "So, what do you think of all this?" She looks back to her camera person whom is lowering the camera. "Hey, don't turn that off, keep taping. We may need it in editing."

"You’re the boss."

Jack looks at the reporter, stunned that she talked to him. "It is you! You’re Jennifer Alomna, the number one reporter in the league. I've always watched your fascinating weekly news reports. The ‘Muk Madness Mistake’ at Silent Hills was my favorite.”

Jennifer smiles. "A fan of mine. Thanks!" She pauses. "You look like a Pokemon Trainer, where are you coming from?”

“Pine Valley. Started a few days ago.”

“A small town, must be nice.” She moves over and opens a case to look through her camera equipment.
The two men dressed in bulky orange clothing then strap on special harnesses so the large crane on top of the six story flat mountain can pick them up and bring them to the cave.

"Do you know any information about this place other than what you already said?"

She looks up, "Let’s see. Ok. See the waterfall? It used to come out a lot more than that rate. This is one of the reasons the city has chosen to explore what’s inside the cave. I don’t know which one, but a large organization is paying for all of this, with the mayor’s approval, of course. And regularly, Pokemon swim up the stream to the lake because the water is so clear and clean it’s healthy for them. And because of the mystery around the cave, Blue Falls Waterfall has been declared a Pokemon Reserve and no Pokemon can be caught here. You can say that the falls is a place where Pokemon and Trainers can come safely together and not worry at all." She looks up at the two men hanging two feet from the cave. "Looks like the action is starting. Get that camera ready." Jennifer grabs a smaller camera and positions from another angle.

“What do you think is in there?” Jack questions once more.

“The radio waves can’t determine what could be inside but my guess is a Pokemon and hopefully it’s a rare one.” She switches on the camera.

Jack steps back to watch the action and not interrupt the camera work. A rare Pokemon? I’m glad I decided to stop by.

The two men hang closer to the cave. The first one grabs the cliff and squats down all the way to squeeze into the cave. The falling water splashes around as the second man enters. They each unhook their harnesses and disappear out of view. Minutes pass and the suspense rises drastically. No radio contact reaches the foreman waiting by the side of the lake. That’s when a rumbling noise is heard screaming from the cave and seconds later the two men appear at the entrance, scrambling to get away. Before they can grab the harness, water shoots out of the cave in a straight line and the men slip and fall into the lake. The water fires above Jack and the news crew and soaks the trees, leaving mist to fall on the spectators.

Comments shoot out from the crowd of onlookers.

"That's a twenty five foot drop!"

"Oh no!"

"Are they all right?"

"Get an ambulance."

"I fell asleep, what happened?"

The area begins to shake like an earthquake, maybe a 2.5, nothing too serious but an earthquake nonetheless. While everyone is basically panicking and confused about what is happening, Jack continues to stare at the cave as it starts to fall apart.


Jennifer runs to her cameraman, putting down her own. "Don't stop taping for one second. Remember, this will finally get us our own show and you a raise!" She quickly tries to pack her news equipment to the van which is about ten feet away.

As the cave slowly falls apart, crumbling rocks into the lake below, Officer Jenny and the other two officers spread out to control the crowd. The flat land on top rips open and shreds the dirt to pieces. The land pushes up, causing the crane to knock over. The waterfall stops rushing water and after a few seconds of what seems like stopped time, suddenly the cave explodes. Large and small chunks of dirt and rock fly in every direction. Everyone ducks and manages to evade but the dust after that covers everything within the distance. A final boulder crashes down to the ground, hitting Officer Jenny’s squad car on the rear bumper

Jack coughs and shakes his body, taking off his hat to punch out the dust having collected on top of it then wiping his face clear. He cleans his sunglasses and looks at the large crater taken out of the small mountain. Yet, that isn’t even the best part.

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