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Default A Trainer's View

Slowly floating down into the lake below is a Gyarados; however this Pokemon is much larger than a normal Gyarados. The body is blue and has all the qualities of a Gyarados but one noticeable difference is this Pokemon has a much larger rage factor. Only something so pissed off can do this much damage and destroy three stories of earth above.

"Ahhhhh!!! It’s a Gyarados!!!!" screams just about everyone.

The large Gyarados roars loudly once again and splashes hard into the lake, pushing almost all of the water and the two men out of it and flowing over the land, into the panicky people. Most of the people have run away and the ambulance crew quickly aids the two men.

“That’s huge.” Officer Jenny, with her blue hair and uniform, and the other officers surround the Gyarados from the land. “Gyarados, we mean you no harm.”

But the words of Officer Jenny cannot convince otherwise and a blast of white energy explodes from Gyarados’s mouth at the trees, knocking them down and temporarily blocking an escape route.


The cameraman slowly backs away, still keeping the camera on but his heart wants to run. Jennifer has cleared all the equipment to the van just before the uncontrollable water rushes over the land.

Yet, Jack is still in the same spot, standing there shocked and scared so much he hasn’t been able to move. Even the water flowing through his shoes can’t get him to move.

Jennifer yells out, "Don't just stand there!" But Jack is still frozen. She builds courage and rushes over to get him. She grabs his shoulder...

...Jack shakes off his stunned face and finally realizes what he should do. He runs back to the tree line like the rest of the people. He watches Officer Jenny try to talk to the Gyarados to calm it down but it only continues to anger Gyarados into more frustration. Jack has heard many tales of a Gyarados’s rage and he isn’t ready to see it. He can easily run but that is the easy way out and something his father told him never to do. “I am a Trainer, Gyarados is a Pokemon. Therefore, I should battle to calm it down.” He takes out one of his Pokeballs and summons Pikachu.

Pikachu stares up at the large Gyarados, hunching back. “Pika?”

"Don't be afraid of it, you... it... it is still a water type. Thundershock."

However, Trish is already ahead of Jack with her Scyther out and ready to battle. She commands to Jack with leadership in her voice. “Jack, don’t be foolish. You may know a lot but you need to understand when to fight and when not to fight.” She has a point. The level difference is huge and the area is soaked with water; not a good combination because then everyone would feel the electricity.

She points to Gyarados and calls an attack which Jack couldn’t hear because of all the commotion. Scyther leaps up and slashes multiple times across the large water Pokemon. This only upsets it even more. Gyarados breathes in and exhales a massive green energy attack that covers and explodes at Scyther with large damage. Scyther flips and lands to the ground, one knee down and one scythe holding the rest of its body up. Scyther pants and stares at the strong Gyarados, ready for more.

“Focus on winning, Agility.”

Scyther breathes deep and leaps in, fading from one part to the next. Gyarados squints its eyes with rage. Its tail glows brightly and Gyarados swings it around. *SHLANG!* Even with Agility, Scyther is hit by the large glowing tail and knocked back hard. Scyther lay on the ground, wounded badly.

“Iron Tail? No way.” Trish recalls Scyther and prepares another Pokemon.

Jack steps back, encouraging Pikachu to follow. “I guess she is right, I probably wouldn’t stand much chance.”

But Gyarados has had enough games. It roars a final time and stands up as tall as it can to spin extremely fast. The speed, velocity and height causes a large wind tornado to appear. The tornado grows larger and larger and blows all the remaining people backwards and even one tree is taken out with roots still in tact. As the tornado disappears and everyone looks at the dried up lake, they discover that the large Gyarados has vanished. The water slowly trickles from the busted cave entrance to the empty lake again; however, it won’t be enough to fill the lake and keep a flowing river.

"Blue Falls Waterfall is not as beautiful as it once was a few minutes ago." Jennifer sheds a little emotion. Then Jack catches here eye, as he recalls Pikachu and walks away, "Leaving so soon?”

Jack stops and turns around. “No, I want to get a better view of inside. The crane had to get up to the top somehow.” He continues through the trees to find a way to the top.

A light bulb hits Jennifer. “Good idea.” She nudges her cameraman. “Get up, we’re going to the top.”

“May I change my pants first? They’re a little wet... and I don’t mean water.”

At the top, Jack passes the knocked over crane and nears the gap looking down into the cave. To be able to open up and bust three stories of land is quite the accomplishment for one Pokemon. Jack takes careful steps to get closer in and finally has the view into the cave. The land has split into a crevice to look through but not as much can be seen as Jack thought it would.


Down below, numerous splashing Pokemon are spotted at a lake deep inside the cave. The orange blobs just splash the water without any order to it except the randomness of splashing. The cave itself is much larger from the inside; it had to have been large in order to carry a Gyarados on steroids.

“Magikarp.” The camera guy says with his zoom mode on. “Look at them all in there, barely enough water for them all. How can they live in there.”

Jennifer reminds her assistant. “We don’t know what the inside looked like before this happened. For all we know, we know nothing at all.” She grabs her microphone and starts to cry. “I love being a reporter. Now hurry and focus the camera on me.”

Officer Jenny quickly makes her way to the top with another officer next to her. “Ok, this area is off-limits. Everyone out.”


And just like that, three hours pass by. Jack could have left at any time but he thinks by staying around he might learn something about the cave. What are Magikarp doing in there? Why? His father would probably say ‘this has nothing to do with training’ but Jack wants to gain knowledge of Pokemon; that is how people become better Trainers.

Jack approaches Jennifer, whom had been giddy about all this excitement and documenting everything possible. The police have roped off the area for only select personnel to cross over. As a civilian, Jack isn’t qualified.
“What’s going on? No one will tell me anything.”

“I’m not getting much. They have called in a researcher to help with the examination. With such a find as this, it will take many days, maybe even weeks. The one interesting thing our camera was able to get was the inside of the cave. On one of the sides there looked like a smudge carving or something. We won’t know for a while.”

“I always thought Gyarados and Magikarp lived in the ocean like most of the water Pokemon.”

“Jack.” Trish shouts out from qualified personnel side, stepping next to Jennifer. “There is a lot we don’t know about Pokemon and the mysteries are plenty. I have been traveling for years and still learn new facts about Pokemon. We don’t know enough yet and that is why Trainers make the journey. They want to satisfy their interest with Pokemon.”

“Great. But how did you get over there?”

Trish sweatdrops. “When you are related to the officer in charge, you tend to get in most places. Plus I told them I can help in any way.”

Jack sighs. “That’s good for you guys. However I won’t be staying to see how this turns out. I need to continue moving. There isn’t anything I can do here.”

Jennifer smiles. “You can always catch me on TV. The station said they will run this as a special episode. Ratings will be huge. Action news sells big.”

“Cool. I’ll be sure not to miss it.”

Trish claps her hands once. “You are a great guy, Jack. Train hard and don’t give in. You still have a lot to learn first.”


"Good luck on your journey,” Jennifer wishes.

The three stop the conversation short and go their own ways. With that over for now, Jack walks away and heads for the Gym city once again.

However, even with only miles to go, darkness sets in. "Better not risk it. I think I'll camp here for tonight." He sets out his towel and prepares camp. With that out of the way, he lets all his Pokemon out for dinner and company. Since Jack doesn’t have any Poke-food, dinner is whatever his Pokemon can find in the surroundings. It’s cheap and the Pokemon don’t mind; except Rattata, whom still goes for the crackers.
After dinner, they all rest and keep each other company. Before they know it, Jack and his Pokemon all drift to sleep next to each other.

Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Pikachu, Bulbasaur. These are my Pokemon. I will beat all opposition....

End Episode 5

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