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Default Re: Ultra Rpg Summer Knock-out Tournament 2004 {Result Thread}

Round 1, Magare vs Finlonger

3 on 3, stadium, no items

Magare with Alakazam, Houndoom and Kingdra (not used)
Fing with Lanturn , Donphan and Vileplume

Alakazam tortured Lanturn before knocking him out, and Donphan double-edged Alakazam to 0.1/10 health before falling out. Vileplume came out to hit a newly brought in Houndoom, who overheats Vileplume for the win on the next turn.
A clear 3:0 win.

Magare wins and gets $2000 and moves onto the next round of the major tournament.

Fing looses and gets $1000 and moves into the minor tournament. (If I got it right.....)

Dux reffed.....
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