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Originally Posted by Phoenix004
Get rid of Swampert's Surf attack? No offence or anything, but are you crazy bronislav84? That is not only the best water move in the game, but is also his Swampert's only water move! Any good trainer knows that a Pokemon should always have at least one move of its own type, for STAB if nothing else. Gamevoid also said that he needs Waterfall on a daily basis, which means he will need Surf on a daily basis as well.
Swam is meant to be a Physc Sweper. gg. Fires die from Quake, Rocks die from Quake, what else do you need?

If trained properly with correct EVs, Swam can survive 2 turns of rest. But I practically HATE the Chesto Resting technique, I'd rather sweep fast and attach Leftovers. Use Protect to heal a little more...Meh.

Gamevoid, put Waterfall on a HM Slave. Withdraw it from your box whenever you want to get to your friend's base.

Phoenix, who are you to talk about other people's faults when you leave Fly on Altaria?
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