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Default Re: Ultra Rpg Summer Knock-out Tournament 2004 {Result Thread}

Round 1, Battle 1

Dratini vs Goofball14

3 vs 3
No items

D opens with Charizard to Goofy's Jynx. Gambling a LK ends in a miss, and Jynx left for his Snorlax. After a while, Jynx, gambling another LK, falls to D's own Snorlax, and Lax vs Lax ensues, but D had to rest lax. In the end, Goofy's lax starts cursing, and D explodes her own Lax in desperation, leaving Goofy's Starmie against her Charizard and Dusclops. Dusclops was not able to KO Starmie before it turns the tide, clinching a CH Hydro pump, sealing the game for Goofy

Result, 2-0 Goofy

Moving to Round 2: Goofball14
Moving to Minors: Dratini

Goof 2000
D 1000
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