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Default Official Judges

Head Judge

Senior Judges

Judges are listed with their corresponding AIM names.

Active Judges
AmericanTreeFrog - AmericanTreeF
Chainreaction01 - ChainreactionRPG
Mubz - Mubz96*
PichuBoy - magickid931
Siless - siless732
SLC04 - politoedprince
WebMaster - WebDragoon1337

Past or Inactive Judges
Ataro - sniperxpwnage
Ball - theball998
Buoysel. - buoyysel
DarkGardevoir - clockknight
Derian - derianurpg
Dog of Hellsing - ttartrainer
Eeveedude - eeveedude2240
Feng - cooldunsparce
Gmandiddy - gmandiddy*
Iridium - pokelordultimate
Jack of Clovers - dismssngrsux
JokesterJesse - JesseJKJesse
Mitsuzo-kun - jacksonpkmn
Monbrey - Monbrey
Morru Magnum -
Nitro - zinata360
ragnarok0422 - ragnarok0422
sheepskinfuton - sheepskinfuton
Shock64 - ShockNJ
Sec - Rainsecbow
SiberianTiger - SumerianRevenant
Xpedential - Xpedential101

Judge Testers

Anyone who has been a judge for less than a month cannot ref Festivals. Each judge is also limited to judging two Festivals per week. Please do make sure you've read about the details of judging a Festival in All About Contests (because it works a little differently from normal contests).

* Means B\W certified only.

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