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Default Phoenix vs Abxtreme

Round 1 Minor Tournament, Abxtreme vs. Phoenix

Abxtreme with Heracross, Pelipper and Typhlosion
Phoenix with Umbreon, Charizard and Squirtle

Alot of switching ._.

Heracross Kos Umbreon, Heracross Kos Squirtle, Heracross and Pelipper weaken Charizard and Typhlosion finishes it off with thunder punch.

Abxtreme wins and gets $2000 and advances to Round 2 of the Minor Tournament.

Phoenix looses and gets $1000 and exits the tournament.

UrPg Co-OfFiCiAl

VPP Slowbro. LV 100 @ 1191.
(sprite credit to Soara)

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