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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 6
A Rocky Menace

It’s morning and Jack and his Pokemon are stretching out: legs then arms. After that they have a good run together. Pikachu is the fastest with Rattata then Bulbasaur after that. Caterpie’s little feet can’t keep up but he tries his best. Pidgey barely keeps up, her legs have healed enough for it to walk on her own. However, flight is still out of the question.

After the active morning, it is time to continue to Styper City. Jack can figure he only has a little bit to go until he is out of the forest. What he didn’t expect to see is a change in scenery. On his left the grass slowly fades to gravel and dirt and the further he looks, the more rocky it becomes. The scarce tree life and amount of dirt to his left signifies the change in terrain means different Pokemon. Everywhere else is forest except for the patch which leads somewhere. He looks over there wanting to check it out but decides not to.

“Maybe I should come back and check this place out. I want to challenge the Gym first.” Before he can turn his head back, a circular rock with bumpy arms bounces over to him, semi-floating along the way.

"Geodude geo geo dude!!"

Jack looks at the Pokemon puzzled. “A Geodude voluntarily comes to me?" He calmly opens his pack, not sure what to do, and grabs his book. “Ah, Geodude. Says you like to live near rocks so you can hide more easily.”

The Geodude starts bouncing back to the rocks, then turns and faces the Trainer. It waves its right arm and starts bouncing away again.

"Oh, so you want me to follow you. I seem to be running into many wild Pokemon in need of help."

Jack follows the Geodude up into the rocky landscape. The land bulges aren’t mountains, yet they aren’t hills either. In the distance, the land grows higher and higher, like real mountains and they have some trees covering most of them. In this area, there are no trees, just dirt and rock. However, they all look like they are part of the same mountain range, including the waterfall previously encountered and this must be the end of the range.

When they stop Jack finds himself at a small cave just large enough for him to fit through. Nearby, the cave looks like it connects into a tall hill of rock, sloping outward on the sides but horizontal at some parts like dirt pathways snaking its way to the top of the mountain.

"Do you want me to go in there?"

With no answer, the Geodude goes into the cave.

Jack shrugs, slipping off his sunglasses, and follows him in. “Hope I know what I’m doing.”

When Jack enters the cave, he does not get up because the entrance is only large enough for him to crawl through. At one point the ceiling opens up but then comes back down and he has to crawl again. Finally, the cave opens up to standing position. This part of the cave is a weird mixture of blues and greens shining off reflections of bright mineral deposits along the wall. Beautiful! But this isn’t the destination. Geodude leads Jack to another path, this one at an angular direction. Once again, he must crawl through this one and since the path goes upward, rocks easily scrape Jack as he tries to navigate this harder path.

“This better be worth it.”

After the path ends, he notices the cave open up again; however, the familiar colors he just saw are not present. This time the walls are brown and tan, like typical rock colors. He can stand again and stretches his back from the uncomfortable rock bumps. From this new spot, Jack can tell he was at one side of this large space. Geodude pulls the Trainer to the ground and moves over to a line of rocks on the cave platform they were on. Jack crawls over, not sure what to expect.

Geodude speaks softly and points over the rocks. “Geo.”

Jack creeps up behind the rocks and looks over. At this time, Jack realizes this part of the cave is not exactly level. He is actually elevated above the rest of the nearly level cave; not that high, maybe six feet from the bottom. The cave is circular with more cracks in the side probably leading somewhere else. When he looks around the bottom of the cave, he can’t believe the sight before him. He wants to scream but he can't. On the bottom of the cave are a bunch of other Geodudes, five to be exact, and they are all in a circle. And in the middle of them is a different Pokemon, fluffy orange in color and numerous tails.

“A Pokemon with six tails, it must be a Vulpix.” Jack whispers to himself.

The Vulpix is curled up, eyes closed and shaking noticeably to indicate how scared it is. The Geodude bounce up and down in a circle around the Vulpix. A couple times the Vulpix would try to move away by jumping but the stronger defense of the Geodudes would hit it back to the center of the circle. Now it just lay there, exhausted from trying.

Jack crouches down and whispers to the Geodude next to him. "You came all that way to show me a Vulpix in trouble?"

Geodude responds with a nod and a soft "Geo."

“I would love to help that Vulpix. Picking on Pokemon is not fair, especially when outnumbered.” He thinks to himself, "Grass attacks are good against rock types, so Bulbasaur’s Vine Whip will be my main use. That is, if this doesn’t work." Jack suddenly leaps up and slides down the cave wall and jumps to the ground. The helpful Geodude is surprised from this sudden action and follows Jack down and jumps in front of him. All the Geodude stop and look at the person that has infiltrated their cave.

"Geodude, stop hurting that Pokemon. Leave it be." Jack demands of the Geodude. He grabs a Pokeball and holds it ready to throw out.


“Geo geo dud due dude Geodude.”


All the Geodude continue in their circle around the Vulpix except for one, which jumps out of the circle and charges at Jack. The helpful Geodude in front of him jumps at the charging Geodude, both using Tackle. The two collide and throw hands at each other. The charging Geodude overpowers the helpful one and lifts it up. The helpful Geodude is thrown and slams passed Jack’s side.

Jack throws out his Pokeball. "Go Bulbasaur! Help us out!" The ball opens and lets out Caterpie. "Oops. I forgot that I switched belt spots with Bulbasaur and Caterpie. Well, since you’re out, now's as good a time as ever to battle with you." Jack, having confidence in Caterpie, shouts commands. "Alright Caterpie, let's help save Vulpix."


“Caterpie, String Shot fast." With the charging Geodude not looking, Caterpie spits out sticky white goo at Geodude. The goo sticks and Geodude is stuck. The other four Geodudes stop and stare at the defeat of one of their own and they move to go after Caterpie, leaving the Vulpix alone on the ground.

Jack slowly maneuvers along the right side of the cave, to get around the battle and help Vulpix. On his way, he helps command his Pokemon. "Caterpie, String Shot is our best hope. Keep it up." Rocks are strong and using Tackle would do nothing but hurt Caterpie.

The four Geodudes charge at little Caterpie while Jack walks around them to get to Vulpix. One of the Geodudes bounce to the air, ready to come down on Caterpie.


Caterpie quickly fires the String Shot at a the jumping Geodude coming at it, dodging left to watch the Geodude blindly skid on the cave floor, unable to move. Two more come at Caterpie, this time one from each side. They each pick up a good size rock larger than twice their body and throw it. Caterpie fires fast at the right rock to catch it and spins half a turn to knock out the other rock in the air for them to crumble on contact.

“That’s some quick shooting. I didn’t think String Shot could be used like that!”

In this time, two more Geodude rush in. Caterpie, thinking he can do the same thing with the rocks, shoots at the left Geodude and attempts to collide them. Since Geodude can move in the air, this proves to fail and Caterpie is punched back where the right Geodude waits to hit it also. Bruised, Catperie still has energy to keep going.

Jack nears Vulpix. He loses track of the battle for a second then regains focus. “Try this, spin and String Shot.”

The little green bug spins around sending the goo wildly into the air in all direction around him. The goo blankets the two Geodude in waiting and traps them to the floor. Caterpie stops spinning and finishes the two Geodudes off by covering their whole bodies.

“Great work.” Jack gasps quickly, “Look out!”

The last Geodude falls right behind Caterpie, floating above the goo, and reaches its arms out and grabs a hold of him. Because Caterpie is facing outward, the String Shot can’t hit Geodude and the grip is too strong to try and struggle free. Geodude floats up into the air getting ready to finish him off. There is nothing Jack can say to help, only to hope for the best. Geodude declines in altitude and slams Caterpie across the cave to hit the cave wall.

Jack gets up, standing right over Vulpix. "Caterpie, you’ve done a great job." He holds the Pokeball out and Caterpie comes back. He prepares Bulbasaur to go out next.

But the helpful Geodude decides to make a come back and jumps up and tackles the last Geodude into the wall. The Geodude recovers and runs away into one of the cave cracks.


After solving that problem, Jack’s next issue is to help the hurt Vulpix. He pulls out his already used Super Potion and finishes it off on Vulpix. He sits down with his legs crossed and picks up Vulpix in his arms.

“Wow, such soft fur.”

It’s eyes open wide and gaze at the Trainer. Vulpix blinks curiously and calmly closes its eyes back to rest.

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