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Talking Re: Pokemon: Spolier Chit-Chat

Im back from my little vacation off the computer. ^__^

Unfortunately, that wasn't Brock's Lombre that evolved. It was the man's original Ludicolo that Corphish argues with. Corphish had become alot more stubborn since it saw Treecko; now, it has the urge to evolve to become alot better than Grovyle. But, Grovyle maintains its cool and ignores its rude actions while Torkoal, Taillow and Pikachu become better friends with it.

So, after Corphish and Ludicolo battle, Ludicolo ends up winning the match. But, Ash learns that somehow, Corphish's attack had become more stronger than usual, but he didn't do any research in his pokedex. Finally, the episode ends with Ash battling with Torkoal, fighting against that same Ludicolo...and Torkoal strikes it with a Flamethrower...