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Default Re: Contest Chat

Originally Posted by May Norman View Post
For a start, Jack...

I think you should make money available in Contests as well. I mean, like a person wins the contest, and ges so much money.

I thought there was a difference between contests and pokemon battles. It kida looks like we're forced to do pokemon battles to get money to become a pokemon coordinator.

Once contests guys get money, then it can be evenly split into pure trainers, pure coordinators(I want to become one )

Course, just in case people are joining contests just to get money for battles, you can separate the currencies, and certain berries, which we can use for both, can be bouht by both forms of currencies.

berryes will never be used in battle, i think.

but, the whole idea is fine. I think that the contest money should be raised a bit. with 2 battle, a trainer can get as much money as a coordinator get in a contest
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