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Default Re: Ultra Rpg Summer Knock-out Tournament 2004 {Result Thread}

Round 2, Major Tournament, Magare vs Vellyvell

3 on 3, stadium, no items

Magare with Blaziken, Alakazam, Houndoom

Vellyvell with Raticate, Snorlax, Gengar

Raticate is switched out automatically for gengar. Blaziken gets it down to low health with EQ before hypnosis hits on the second turn sending blaziken to sleep for a bad luck of 6 turns. Alakazam comes in and then comes snorlax. Alakazam makes a big mistake by swaggering and then gets yawned to sleep, and then gets horrid luck again by being randomised 6 turns of sleep. He finally wakes up to swagger again which was a mistake. Snorlax takes out Alakazam with its enhanced attack and then to the sleeping blaziken. Snorlax hits itself in confusion which stalls it long enough for houndoom to come in and roar. In comes Gengar who tries to hypnosis but misses. Houndoom could have finished it with a crunch but instead decides to sunny day for later use. This backfires as hypnosis hits on the next turn. Gengar uses focus punch and Mag, thinking doom would still be asleep with his bad status effect luck tried sleep talk but Doom woke up and it fails. Gengar sent it to sleep again and focus punched for the win 3-0

Vellyvelly wins and gets $2000 and advances to the next round.

Magare looses and gets $1000 and goes out the tournament.

UrPg Co-OfFiCiAl

VPP Slowbro. LV 100 @ 1191.
(sprite credit to Soara)

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