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Default Re: Need a rescue team? Applications here!

How annoyingly Ironic -.-

Okay so I got defeated, I was starving, and ate the only thing I had, which happened to be an Allure Seed ¬__¬ that did me no good.

So yeah I needs help o.o;


Client: Requiem (Raichu)
Objective: Friend Rescue
Place: Northwind Field, 29F
Difficulty: A

JQ?6X KRS50!?? 87H?M
-8??? ??S79?1? -KRJ6
??X?3 (M)P+?!6?? NXRP(...)

(M) = Male Sign
(...) = 3 dots

please as soon as possible, i'll fix a reward later ^^;


Edit: Second thought forget it.
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