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Default Re: The Mysterious Magik Monster Pt. 2- Nostalgia [Ready for Grading]- Check the 2nd

Woo, go me! Thanks Killik. ^_^

...Now I must start another story. EDIT: I'll post what I have so far:


The Mysterious Magik Monster - Pt. 3! Ghosts of the Past, Present, and Future!

~Note: This is still in a flashback~

"I did it!" Evan shouted, reaching over to pick up the Pokeball. He had just captured his first Pokemon, the grey burrowing bug, Nincada. Igglybuff cheered, jumping up and down in the lush grass on the ground of the National Park. Evan smiled and stared at the red-and-white sphere in his grip until the Sun's reflection off of the Pokeball burned into his eyes and caused him to blink.

"Igglybuff, I think it's time to meet our new friend..."

~Several minutes pass~

A lone man stood behind a tall podium, shuffling his black leather shoes on the wooden stage, and smoothing out the wrinkles on his black dress pants. "Thank you for participating in the National Park's weekly Bug-Catching Contest! We are about to announce the winners of this event in a few minutes. While you wait, feel free to purchase a souvenir from our visiting traveling salesman!" He said, gesturing to a short balding man, who was waving a fan in front of his face.

"Get your Magikarp here! Only five-hundred Poke for a Magikarp! Very cheap, very cheap!" He exclaimed, waving the fan in a gesture for people to come purchase his goods. A few people turned around to briefly survey the stand, and turned around out of disinterest, and possibly disgust. A small girl with two brown ponytails and innocent blue eyes moved through the crowd to where the salesman was. A few people murmured as they stepped out of her path, slowly shaking their heads.

"Um... mister?" She started, holding her clasped trembling hands in front of her. She was tightly squeezing a Clefairy doll in her grip, and she was obviously very nervous talking to the man.

"Yes, little girl? Would you like to purchase a Magikarp?" The shady man said, greedily looking down at the girl as if she was a one-hundred-Poke bill. He thought to himself that he could easily swindle her and leave with her money. He started up, noticing that the girl wasn't interested in a Magikarp. "Or would you like a-"

"You're a fraud." She interrupted, breaking into such a mean stare, you could feel the room tremble as shivers were sent up the man's back. She saw through him, her blue eyes piercing a hole through his very thoughts. He was extremely unnerved at this knowing, and possibly demonic child. He wished to shoo this little girl and never have to deal with her again, but he stood paralyzed, trapped in her gaze.

"Are you ok, mister?" She said, snapping out of her glare. Her eyes quickly reverted back to the beautiful blue china that they were. She walked out of the sliding glass doors by the Magikarp salesman, hugging her Clefairy doll in a tight squeeze. Evan noticed that she was probably only seven or eight years old, and was alarmed when he saw there were no Pokeballs on her person.

"Hey, wait! It's dangerous out there!" Evan shouted, pushing and shoving his way through the crowd. He frantically ran towards the sliding doors, almost hitting them as they slid open. The blast of warm air ruffled his brown hair, and made him wince as it barraged his brown eyes, but he kept on running. He arrived just in time to see the little girl cornered by a Growlithe. It barked ferociously at her, and bared its teeth as it prepared to launch a deadly Bite attack at her.

"Hold on, I'll help you!" Evan said, reaching for a Pokeball in his backpack. He had only set his fingers on Igglybuff's Pokeball when he froze. The girl turned her head to stare at him, and her eyes were a glassy blue. She was staring emptily at him, until the Growlithe suddenly leaped at the girl and opened its jaws. The girl quickly turned her gaze and moved out of the way, rolling on the dusty ground. Her frilly blue skirt landed in a puddle of mud, and she muttered under her breath. She nimbly jumped about six feet into the air, much higher than someone her age, or any human being could. Evan stood amazed as her Clefairy doll was sucked into a miniature black vortex that formed in her right hand. She quickly fired three Shadow Balls from her right hand, and landed gracefully on the ground. The Growlithe, however, almost immediately fainted from the impact of the Shadow Balls.

"Tch, pathetic creature. You should learn your place." The little girl said, her mouth stretched into a smirk revealing perfectly white teeth. She prepared to fire a Shadow Ball that would surely kill the weakened Growlithe.

"Goodbye," she said, her eyes in a trance, "I'll see you soon." The Shadow Ball was almost completed, a strange black sphere in her hand that seemed to suck all light that touched it into another realm.

"No!" Evan shouted, dashing at the girl. He immediately knocked over the... girl, and started yelling at her. "I don't care if it hurt you, or if it's in the name of self-defense... heck, I don't even care if you're a girl! You're not... hurting... that... Growlithe!" He said, pushing her arm away from him and the Growlithe. She fired the Shadow Ball, way off of its intended course, immediately vaporizing an unfortunate tree that stood in its way. She quickly pushed Evan off of her, standing up and seething with rage.

"Fool... I place my strongest and most painful curse on you! That should teach you to mess with the undead!" She said, pulling a long, sharp needle out of her dress. Evan flinched as he expected her to stab him with the needle, but looked on in horror as she thrust it through her stomach, clean with no blood. He remembered screaming in agony before he blacked out.

~A few minutes later...~

"Hey, I think he's waking up!" said a man. Evan slowly opened his eyes to see the announcer from before.

"...Huh?" Evan said, sitting up. He immediately snapped into reality, remembering his conflict with the girl. He slowly stood up, deciding that he would think it over later.

"Are you ok, young man?" A woman said, putting her hand on his shoulder. She received a small "yes" from him before sighing in relief and clasping her hands in front of her blue jeans.

"Now, where were we?" The formally-dressed man said, shuffling through the papers on his podium. "Ah, yes. The winner of this week's Bug-Catching Contest is... with a Ninjask... Bugsy, from Azalea Town!" Everyone applauded as a boy with green hair stepped up to the podium to receive a small golden Butterfree trophy. He turned to face the audience and smiled, looking at his shiny new trophy.

"Ugh... this isn't fair. Bugsy used to run the Azalea Town's Bug-type gym!" Evan thought, pouting over his loss.

"Now, in second place... Evan, from Goldenrod City, who won with a Nincada!" The man said, applauding as Evan looked up in surprise.

"Wha... me? This is my first Pokemon; my first Bug-Catching Contest!" Evan thought, mindlessly walking over to where Bugsy was standing to receive a small silver Metapod trophy. The man announced a fat, greasy, balding man from Blackthorn City whose name sounded suspiciously like "Potato Salad". He claimed his bronze Caterpie trophy with a snort that made everybody in the room want to vomit. Evan shuffled away from the disgusting man when he came to stand by him.

"And these are the winners of this week's Bug-Catching Contest! Thank you all for participating!" The announcer said, eyeing everybody in the room. "Except for you" He thought, glaring at the dopey man who won third place with a Pinsir. "Poor Pinsir."

A few minutes later, after the majority of the crowd had left, Bugsy approached Evan with a smile on his face.
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