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Default Neo Pikachu vs Killik

Round 1, Minor Tournament, Neo Pikachu vs Killik

3 on 3, stadium, no items

Neo Pikachu with Vapoureon, Dragonite, Metagross

Killik with Walrien, Venusaur, Alakazam

Vapoureon removed walrien with toxic and Hydro pumps. Venusaur came in for Killik to send it to sleep and Neo switched to Dragonite. Alakazam was then switched in for Killik. Dragonite and Alakazam then had a long boring battle as both paralyed each other then kept getting fully paralyed every other turn. Then Dragonite kept hyperbeaming and Alakazam kept recovering. Then as Alakazam turned to Psychic attacks, Dragonite turned to slam and lucked out with two critical hits with them causing Alakazam to be Kod. Back came in Venusar to take out Dragonite but got hurt by Icebeam first. Metagross came in and Psychiced down Venusar

Neo wins 2-0

Neo Pikachu wins and gets $2000 and advances to the next round of the Minor Tournament.

Killik looses and gets $1000 and exits the tournament.

UrPg Co-OfFiCiAl

VPP Slowbro. LV 100 @ 1191.
(sprite credit to Soara)

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