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Default Re: Squirtles in Cinnabar

Squirtles in Cinnabar
Chapter 2: Against the master

by Leman000

Eizen was trainer in the Cinnabar gym; second best trainer on the island. He was quite famous for his amazing battling skill and his firey temper. Eizen was an older man and today wearing very fancy clothes; he was probably going to some fancy trainer’s party. Now his elegent clother were all wet and he did not look presentable, nor did he look very happy.

“You’ve ruined my clothes you meddling child! You and you’re pathetic Seadra will pay dearly for that!” screamed the enraged Eizen.

“Meddling? Pathetic?” I thought. Then I shouted, “I am not meddling and Seadra is not pathetic!”

Still furious, Eizen screamed back, ”Really? I beg to differ! That overgrown seahorse couldn’t beat a fire Pokemon!”

“Overgrown seahorse?” I shouted, “Seadra is tiny, and he could beat you any day, even now. Bring it on!”

“Fine!” roared the enraged Eizen. “Go, Charizard!!” Eizen took a pokeball out of his pocket and threw it into the air. It opened up and a powerful Charizard burst out of it in a brilliant flash of yellow light and roared ferociously. It let out a hot stream of orange flames into the air that incinerated a poor, unlucky, passing butterfly. It was ready for battle.

“Seadra use Hydro Pump!” I ordered. Seadra sucked in the air a shot out the huge stream of water straight at Charizard.

“Charizard, use your Flamethrower attack!” shrieked Eizen.

Charizard flew upwards and unleashed the attack. The white-hot flames shot from Charizard’s mouth and collided with Seadra’s Hydro Pump. The two attacks formed a giant cloud of steam. Seadra’s Hydro Pump was evaporating because of the sheer heat of Charizard sizzling flamethrower.

“Now use Thunder Punch Charizard!!” yelled Eizen. (I was wondering why his voice wasn’t going hoarse from all his yelling at this point.)

Charizard swooped out of the way of Seadra’s Hydro Pump and dived to wards Seadra. His claws were covered in electric sparks. The fist collided with Seadra electrocuting him. Seadra howled in pain from the attack. Things were looking bleak for Seadra and me.

“Use Smoke Screen buddy,” I called out to him.

A massive smoke cloud erupted from Seadra’s mouth to lower Charizard’s accuracy but unluckily missed completely. Instead it flew into a group of Squirtle. They started to panic and I felt really bad for them.

“Charizard use Aerial Ace!” commanded Eizen.

I had almost forgotten about the battle, but Eizen’s call brought me back down to Earth. Using amazing speed and agility Charizard hit Seadra with an invisible attack that hit Seadra and knocked him back a couple yards.

“Oh no,” I gasped. We were loosing badly; we haven’t had one attack hit yet. “Try another Hydro pump,” I called out again, but unfortunately for us Seadra didn’t hear me; he was out cold.

“Finish it off with an Overheat attack, Charizard!!” screamed Eizen again.

Seadra was awakened by Eizen’s shriek and dived under the water barely escaping the attack. So did all of the Squirtle, except one. Flames erupted from every pore on Charizard’s body scorching everything on the water below. It was spectacular and horrifying at the same time. The curious Squirtle who hadn’t dived under was scorched and dove before getting burned too badly.

I was about to order a Hydro Pump when a colossal, stream of water shot out from the water and struk Charizard before he could react. This stream was much larger than Seadra’s Hydro Pump and did not come from Seadra. Charizard rocketed over by Eizen and me, and landed with a thud right next to me. Eizen growled and took out the pokeball. Charizard was sucked back into it in flash of red light and Eizen stormed off.

“O.K. Seadra come back,” I yelled. Seadra sprang up and slowly swam back to me looking exhausted. Then I noticed a black round rock speeding toward Seadra. It was going to hit him.

“Seadra, swim faster something’s chasing you!!” I yelled to him.

Seadra look over and its eyes seedmed to pop out of its head. He sped up but there was no point. The black stone went under the water and used a powerfull Skull Bash attack on Seadra. As it came out of the water I saw that it was the curious Squirtle that Charizard had burnt. It was fuming, and the back of its shell was coal black. It must have used Hydro Cannon at Charizard and now it was going to use Skull Bash at Seadra. It had a right to be furious; he let us use his home as a battleground, and we threw smoke in it and burnt it.

Seadra flew twenty feet back to us landed in the water. I scooped him up and quickly sprayed him with a revive. Seadra stirred and woke up. I put him back in the water, ready to fight Squirtle.

“Seadra, Hydro Pump!” I yelled.

Seadra sucked in air and blasted out a huge jet of water straight at Squirtle, who dodged it easily, and countered with it’s own Hydro Pump which hit Seadra, knocking him back a couple feat. Seeing this Squirtle’s amazing display of power I decided to catch it. If it was this strong as a Squirtle imagine what it could do as a Blastoise.

“Try twister.” I suggested.

Seadra sucked in a monumental amount of air and blew it out in the form of a brutal, vicious tornado. The twister hit Squirtle on it’s shell and he let out a cry of pain.

“We’re winning!” I yelled “Hit it with Hydro Pump again on that weak spot.”

Seadra unleash another great stream of high -pressured water at Squirtle’s charred shell. The attack hit its mark and Squirtle screamed. It dove under water to escape Seadra’s bombard of attacks.

“Dive under water and subdue it,” I called to Seadra.

Seadra dove under water. After what seemed like hours Seadra resurfaced looking very sad. It had failed. It hadn’t caught up to the Squirtle. I gave it a Pokeblock for trying and it gobbled up happily.

“I will catch that Squirtle,” I said to Seadra, “Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not the day after that, or the day after that. But I will find that Squirtle, eventually.”

Done: 8680

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